iOS/iPadOS J-Novel Club App Page Margins Issue

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    I'm sorry to bother you guys, but I was hoping you (J-Novel Club) would please consider improving the iOS/iPadOS apps page margins. On my 12.9" iPad Pro, it's incredibly cluttered and near impossible for me to enjoy reading while using the J-Novel Club app on my iPad Pro. It's primarily the margins that are the issue for me.... which are essentially near nonexistent. This is how it looks on my 12.9" iPad Pro (3rd Generation):

    I completely understand that we, iOS/iPadOS users, make up a tiny fraction of the members on this site and that there are definitely more pressing issues to address and improvements to make. However, I would really appreciate it if this change could be made. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement better margins, but it is something people have requested now for several years... I saw one thread had mentioned this issue and request over three years ago, but it sadly went without a response.

    Thank you so much!

  • They are currently planning on doing an overhaul of the website, and after that they plan on tackling the app, it won’t be any time soon, but it will be addressed at some point.

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    I would actually expect that a lot here are using iOS and iPad. I think the issue applies to more members and users here.

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    @serah It's an issue with landscape mode on scrolling rather than page view which isn't really used by a lot of users

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    @sniper_samurai I don’t use scrolling and I see similar margins on my iPhone and iPad. In fact, I only read novels on my phone now as the line length is way too long on the iPad unless the font is huge even in portrait. I’ve learned to tune out the too small margins, but it still isn’t ideal even on the phone.

    I’ve mentioned it before, also requested portrait two page view for iPads and tablets, as that’s how I prefer to read novels on my iPad. Kindle’s app does that view really well with good margins/use of white space, but obviously I can’t use that for pre-pubs.