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    @sam-pinansky regarding Skeleton Knight:
    I've read the first 5 novels and think it would be received as an overlord clone there are many differences.

    The protagonist is waking up in that different world (that is oh wonder like a game he played). When he learns that he has the body of a skeleton from a vanity item he used before. He is determined to hide his identity while exploring the world. He is completly alone and tries to scrap by when he later, over time, meets several people whom he helps out in a pinch and gets his first goal to help one of them complete their mission and later to find a way to undo his skeletal body "curse". (Hope that was as spoiler free as possible).

    Edit: What is similiar is that in both the protagonists apply to an adventurers guild. And do some work and learn how the world works from that. In Skeleton knight i think that happend in vol 1 but that is just a means to set up several encounters an later on isn't used as a plot device anymore. Where as in overlord its at least a large topic in books 2 and 3 thou I havn't read much further because I'm stuck at mid vol 3 and don't have an interest to read it atm.

    Skeleton Knight is clearly more lighthearted and feels more like DeathMarch or Isekai Smartphone (thou it has more character development than those [read 3 vols. DeathMarch and 4 vols Smartphone], correct me if I'm wrong). Traveling the world with a vague goal and the protagonist often follows his wimps and gets in dump situations because of it.

    I would really love a professional release of it (was one of the 5 novels I put in the survey). There also is a Fan Translation, i think up to vol. 7.

  • @imilyaz Youko Senki is already licensed by Yen On

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    @saurabh112 this is a really old topic at this point :P

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