Would you buy manga adaptions of light novels?

  • Simple question: Would you buy manga adaptions of light novels, even if you don‘t know how many volumes there will be in the end (typically two to three manga volumes adapt one light novel volume)? And if so, do you buy the english version, or even the raws?

  • If you truly like the Japanese series, no matter if it's in its novel or manga form, you'd purchase both. But if you had to pick just one to go with, I recommend the manga.

    It's expected there will be more manga than light novels of the same series if it's adapting, but that's because of its format. Still go with manga if you got the space. light novel if no.

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    Sometimes, for example if I'm interested in the title and their is no translation of the novel yet. I also might just pick them up on a whim if I see a then a bookstore. Otherwise probably not.

  • Depends on the series but only if I really like the artwork and overall story. I only do this with Otherside Picnic as of this moment since I like seeing how certain scenes from the novel are illustrated in manga form and keeping physical copies for my personal collection.

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    No. I don't like to buy inferior products, which most of manga adaptations are, imo.
    Novels are just better in almost every aspect, be it cost to content ratio, amount of details, etc.

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    Typically no

    Occasionally yes, if the artwork is really good and if I liked that particular story a tremendous amount.

  • I do.
    I have quite a few from DxD to Akashic Records to Sponger Life and many more.
    However I only buy physical manga since viewing it on a phone is painful, and if I'm going to buy manga which doesn't take long to get through, I would much rather have it physically. That way I have something to show for it rather than a digital fine that I might not ever look at again.
    It's a shame that the ones that I want from JNC aren't out in print, because there are a heap of them I would get.

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    So far I have two patterns:

    1. I buy the very first volume of a manga adaption of a light novel I like, just to check whether I like the manga adaption or not and satisfying my interest of how the images in my head look like if someone else draws them under the supervision of the author (and the original artist).

    2. I buy them solemnly to support the author and series I like.

    So far I have been lucky only once - with my favourite series "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom", which not only pleases my personal liking of manga art but also sticks incredibly close to the light novel - making it the best adaption I could possibly wish for.

    While other adaptions feel more like "alternate timelines and universes", like often seen with D.C. and Marvel comics.

    In regards of the length and the imminent danger that the adaption will never reach the same point as the actual light novel or going on years after: by seeing the stories as alternate timelines and universes I am good.

    The creation of a manga is incredibly hard, despite the fact that the mangaka have a base to work on. Expecting a manga being published as quick as a light novel sounds rather ridiculous to me, unless you expect a volume full of 4-koma sketches. Not every mangaka does the challenge of an adaption equally good. Some do it incredibly bad, even.

    Therefore I see the manga adaption more often as a simple hobby of the author to give advices to the mangaka. If the author of a light novel fully supervises a manga, it gives too much room of dangers I absolutely do not want like

    • delays in the writing due manga & anime
    • delays in the writing due events related to m&a
    • delays due a burned out author

    and for the worst of worst

    • changes to characters and environment of the light novel world, due to bad influences created as side effects of manga & anime. - I do not mind if an author would love to see XYZ which he could not describe seeing realised as animation - that is even a dream of so many authors. But if an anime director's catch phrase makes it all of sudden into a novel without even the hint that it would fit the original character... no. Thanks, but no. I rather go on without any manga & anime adaption of a novel

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    No, I rather do not buy them. Most manga adaptions of light novels are incredibly bad drawn in my eyes and many scenes from the original light novel are missing, or even completly changed. Although I did buy some adaptions in the past, they were all very short, the art style quite pretty and I really loved the respective light novels. I wouldn‘t really do it again (maybe only if I reeeaaallly like the light novel and the manga adaption captivates me the same way the light novel did, the art style is absolutely to my taste/incredibly beautiful, the manga adaption is overall short and most important it’s finished). Moreover I would probably only buy it, if it got licensed in german, since english manga are so expensive.

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    No absolutely not, buying the inferior version of a story just seems silly to me if the other one is available.

    Also I’ve only ever bought one complete Manga series, I’ve bought single volumes of series but manga to me always seems such a rip off in the end.

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    Probably not, most of the time the manga adaptation of light novel are mediocre unfinished work which cut a lot from the original. There's some exception for example Unwanted Undead Adventurer manga is on some aspect better than the LN but that's rare.
    The only LN adaptation I've been buying so far is Mushoku Tensei, because I mistakenly bought the first 3 vol thinking it was the LN and since it's one of the good adaptation I've keep buying.

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    I find that I enjoy novelizations more than Manga. The story can have more depth and character development. That being said - I wouldn't mind MORE illustrations peppered in my LN's

    (plus I read a lot on my phone - and manga on a iphone 8 is just too small/a pain to pan/zoom all the time)

    The exception so far: Unwanted Undead Adventurer. The Manga flows much better than the LN (but I have to use my ipad to view) I'm still reading the LN - but it's so nice that a picture can be 1000 words!

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    Generally, no I don't. I have a complete set of Spice & Wolf novels because the manga version was just too f'n slow... each LN covered 3 or more manga volumes. I dropped it after 6 volumes. The only perceivable advantage the manga had over the anime was, "Oh, look! Holo has nipples!"

    But I do have several series where I have both LN and manga versions, and even the anime.

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    @someoldguy said in Would you buy manga adaptions of light novels?:

    Generally, no I don't. I have a complete set of Spice & Wolf novels because the manga version was just too f'n slow... each LN covered 3 or more manga volumes. I dropped it after 6 volumes.

    It becomes a lot more rushed toward the end, ie covering more than one light novel volume per volume manga. It did drop a lot of content though, like the whole island arc, and a lot of the subsequent events that resulted from it.

  • Generally no, but there are two exeptions: 'Accomplishments of the Duke‘s Daughter' and 'Kusuriya no Hitorigoto'. Thinking back it was a really silly decision. I don‘t know how many volumes they will each have in the end, but despite knowing that, I still bought them.
    Well, I buy new volumes only once a year and since they only release four volumes (both series together) at most in one year, it‘s okay I think. I only hope they won‘t adapt all arcs...

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    I do, I'm just sad that they end part way through.

  • I‘m now wondering how many light novel volumes of a series usually get adapted into a manga? The only complete manga adaption I ever saw, was '1/2 Prince'.

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    For the most part, no. I find the LNs to be more detailed. I generally find manga to be somewhat expensive for the time value it provides. Plus I'm already having trouble finding places to put more books!

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    @flarecde said in Would you buy manga adaptions of light novels?:

    Plus I'm already having trouble finding places to put more books!

    Same here. In fact, when I finally broke down to buy the Toradora! novels, I went with ebooks even though the dead tree edition is cheaper. Still have all the Toradora! manga in paper form, though.

  • Hm... actually it's the other way around for me? I actually like both manga and LN, but only LN the manga I really like I will buy. How to say this... I think if the manga is bad the LN is bound to be no good.
    Especially since if I read LN first I tend to be disappointed when the manga lacked the details I liked to read from LN. So I will check the manga first.
    Youjo Senki/Saga of Tanya the Evil is the rare example of where the mangaka go out their way to include enough details it doesn't feel like the manga is cutting corners.

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