Premium for only one novel?

  • As in the title - could you make a premium account with access to only one novel?

    I read on the form that you (probably) do not use paypal, because they take too much commission, but a normal transfer should not be a problem?

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    As of right now that is not an option, and just speaking personally I do not believe it will be an option at all.

    For individuals who only want to follow a particular series it would make more sense to just buy the completed e-Book.

    For individuals who want the premium editions of the e-Book that in it of itself is a premium feature reserved for subscribers.


    Edit: as of right now they do not take PayPal for several reasons, and direct bank transfers are not on the table at the moment.

  • Thanks for quick response.

    No option to subscribe to just one title is ... understandable. and - considering several different buisness factors - quite reasonable.

    I've wanted to buy the premium option several times, but every time I bounce off this wall. it's a pity - but you must have your reasons.

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    I understand that you only want to follow 1 series and it would not be justifiable to subscribe for just 1 series, but you could join as a member/premium member for a month buy all the credits you need cancel your sub and just use the credits you purchased to buy the premium editions of series you want to follow.

    This all assume you have a credit card...

    Small note after you un-subscribe the process to redeem credits for books becomes trickier, and I am not gonna get into specifics...however others have detailed the exact process on these forums in the past.

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    Man payment processors suck

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    @yoshken Not quite as much as not having a payment processor available. I remember having to process "phone orders" by writing out everything and making a deposit at the bank, with no way of knowing if the transaction would be accepted until two weeks later.

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