Spine on the Faux Leather Editions

  • Hi, y'all. I just got the first collector's edition of Full Metal Panic and it's pretty awesome except for just one thing. Right on the spine under the silver lettered title is a matching "collector's edition" label. I can't be the only one that think this looks a little cheap. The faux leather already differentiates this edition and this text just stands out as unnecessary and garish. I really hope J-Novel Club will consider skipping this text on future releases.

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    So your complaint is that it says "collector's edition" on the spine? I don't see the problem with that...
    Also if they don't do that on future FMP hardbacks, then volume 1 will stand out as inconsistent.

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    It also says Collector's Edition on the cover.

  • @teleute I personally like it :)

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    While I agree that "Collector's edition" being printed everywhere is kinda stupid, especially with there being no regular edition easily avaliable (if we count TokyoPop releases as that), it's no big deal, imo. It could've been much worse, like some ad "sticker" or a few reviewer's quotes printed into it.

  • If anyone was wondering, the Crest of the Stars hardcover doesn't have any "collector's edition" text on the spine or cover. Not sure why one series got it and the other didn't but it's good news for me since the Crest/Banner of the Stars series is what got me to sign up in the first place. Def going to be buying the rest of the hardcovers.

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    As another who has signed up primarily for the Seikai series I am glad the collectors edition is a bit more minimalist. I'm looking forward to the rest of the books being released.

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