Community fanart idea?

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    I found J-Novel's model of having parts of a book released weekly very intriguing, and was inspired by it. Lots of manga are on a weekly basis, but books give you the freedom to imagine scenes as you want. Light novels give you more of a base with character designs, and sometimes environments as well.

    I don't know if anyone would be interested in this, but I had the idea of a weekly art challenge.

    1. Read ~30 pages of a J-Novel book (I myself, would do this for Ascendance, starting from the very beginning)
    2. Spend a week (or more, or less, whatever people are comfortable with) drawing a scene you like (SFW) from those 30 pages
    3. Post and enjoy everyone's work with them (pls don't be mean to anyone)

    I am, by no means, a good artist, but I know that a lot of us really enjoy anime character designs and it would be fun to try to draw them and share our labors together! People of all skill levels welcomed and encouraged!

    My questions for the moderators:

    1. Is this okay to do in the first place? I'm sorry if I'm overstepping my bounds!
    2. Where should these be posted within the forum? I'd imagine the current discussion threads would be fine, but I'm wondering how it would work out for previous volume fanart, since it wouldn't technically be relevant to chat discussion.

    My idea for making sure we don't spoil people is this:

    1. Upload your art to another site, like Imgur
    2. Make sure you label what part it is (like for example in Ascendance's case, P2V3P4 for drawing fanart for the most recent release). For fanart of scenes with eBooks already released, a volume number would suffice, I'd think.

    Is anyone interested in something like this? Please let me know! I was thinking about posting these on Twitter as well, but I don't have a hashtag in mind (other than an obligatory spoiler tag if necessary).

    Thank you for reading this through! I'd like to hear people's thoughts!

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    I do quick sketches often while reading JNC stuff. They're not good by any stretch of the imagination, and I often do them without looking at the cover / inserts too closely so I don't quite get the character looks down, but they help me engage more with the work.

    Here's some lame drawings of the principal cast I did recently while reading Tearmoon Empire (the random objects featured are library shelves and a candy jar).

    alt text

    I would love more of a fan art scene, so I welcome whatever could come from your endeavor.

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    J-Novel Club Forum moderator here, by all means if you want to do some sketches or even works of art comparable to the sistine chapel feel free to post away (any scene that has occurred within the English translated series)

    You can post in the current volume discussion even if it is for a previous volume.

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