By the Grace of the Gods anime adaptation discussion!

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    I too liked this episode. While it doesn't follow the l8ght novel directly, it still hots allmthe important parts. I like how all the adventurers came together to help Ryoma woth his shop. I felt that it gave this episode a really nice feel and I liked that.

  • I noticed this in the previous episodes, but it was definitely obvious in this episode. They're bringing in the other characters and taking internal monologue converting it to dialog between characters. It's adding some plot holes due to Ryoma talking about past life things that were never originally part of the original novel, but I think in terms of anime, it's better than listening to Ryoma monologue the entire time.

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    I just keep liking this anime more and more. It's not perfect, but I haven't seen a perfect anime yet so that really is just a small complaint in a see where there could be many. I really liked seeing how everyone came out and supported Ryoma both in his business and in his advertising.

    The little bit of romance that they are pushing in the anime between Ryoma and Eliaria is cute in it's own way even if it wasn't as prominent in the light novels as it is here in the anime. It's the anime's own little unique twist and I think they've done a good job with it so far. It's not over the top and is very innocent in a way that it lightens the atmosphere of the anime and just makes it a pleasure to watch.

    Then there's Miya who has basically taken on the role of the proud older sister looking out for her younger brother. She was never as close to Ryoma in the light novel as she is here in the anime, but I think that it does a lot to drive home the anime's overall family type feel that they appear to be going for.

    I just can't wait to see the next episode where the rest of the staff come to work at Bamboo Forest. I'm sure it will be good for at least a couple of good laughs. Especially with Fay and Lilyn.

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    @lighthawk96 Yup I'm with you. Yes there are changes but I think they're doing a fine job and I'm enjoying. I kind of like the handling of Ryoma & Eliaria and love the expanded Miya role. They both highlight the warm family feeling.

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