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    In addition to Watching, Not Watching, and Ignoring, it would be quite nice to have an aditional setting for "New Topics Only."

    I will admit that I mostly want this for keeping an eye on the anouncements and Liscencing sugestions categories.

    Probably a long shot, but one can always hope.

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    i dont get it? That "watching , not watching and ignoring" settings for spesificly that thread only. When someone create a new thread , you get nottification. Am i wrong?

    I mean , i get notification when you created that thread.

    Edit: *sigh , nvm. I understand what you ment :/ first time realising that option :/

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    @hopebestman You can set those options at both the Thread and Category level.

    Watching a thread gives Notifications and puts it in Unread. Watching a Category puts anything in the category in unread, unless it is ignored.

    Ignoring a thread or Category also removes them from Recent.

    What I am hoping for is an option to have new threads in a category be marked as unread, but have everything else not clog up the "inbox".

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