Basic Website Improvements and Becoming a Member

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    I thought about joining, but I am extremely discouraged the website.

    List of basic and necessary website improvements:
    Browse Catalog Improvements:

    • Be able to select starting letter
    • Option to show how many titles per page
    • Ability to select page in browser
    • Ability browse by clicking on a tag

    Search Bar Improvements:

    • In search bar have suggestion of titles or tags
      (Admittedly the next two are not as ubiquitous options on websites)
    • Be able to search for multiple filters.
    • Be able to remove a filter word.

    Have a favorites and/or wish list.

    @RAHUL BALAGGAN After doing some digging I found your response "No news as of right now, other then it is still happening, no ETA on when it will be done but thank you for taking the time give some feedback with your experiences with the site!" I would suggest pinning in News or in Suggestions & Feedback that the website is being worked on and include a list of what you plan to add and improve. (I would find it cool to see updates on which parts of the updated website has been completed and what is currently being worked from an IT perspective) i.e. In Queue, Build in Progress, Testing, and Completed.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    I am actually just the forum and Discord moderator, so any details on what is happening with the site redesign is not something I am privy to, so i can't make any list of what features should be coming or anything.

    Sorry about that

    It is public information that a site redesign is in the works, but as my previous message said it is TBD

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    Thanks for your fast response! Sorry, I don't know what your office culture is like. So it might not be feasible to request such information, but as a mod I'm sure you are able to communicate about all the questions and suggestions about the website to those in charge, and maybe they should have something in their News section? It could be in the FAQ as many posts are starting to suggest the same things.

    Questions to throw at the PR and Web Development Team:
    Where is it public information that a new website is in development on the main website? How is this being communicated; especially to potential new customers? When was this originally announced? I nearly walked away after browsing the website, but decided that I might be able to find more info in the forums. Especially after I looked at the Contact Us page which lists the forums first and also lists them for Support! You are being unfair to yourself (maybe they are being unfair to you too) to see yourself just as a mod, but your also front line customer service/support, and they should be giving you tools, info, and/or more direction on how to respond.

    Maybe I'm asking for too much at this point, and everything will be revealed soon?

    Thank you again!

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