Some library-related suggestions

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    Hello, I have a few suggestions related to the "My Library" tab under "Account"

    Add a Show/Hide (set to Hide by default) toggle for volume descriptions
    At the moment, if one buys multiple volumes of a series at the same time and wants to download them all, it's very easy to accidentally read the description of a later volume in the series whilst looking for the download button. This can lead to accidentally being spoiled about potentially major future events of the series (which has already happened to me twice). For example, the description of Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 6 makes reference to an event that would be rather difficult to imagine for someone who had only just started the series.

    Ideally, I think it would be best if the toggle were for individual volumes (and defaulted to Hide upon logging out). However, a global toggle set to Hide by default would be a perfectly functional temporary (?) solution, and would hopefully be straightforward to program. Also, on a related note, it might be nice if after clicking Show there were a Show More option that displayed the full volume description (the one that can be viewed by going to Titles / [a series] / [a particular volume]? This would be helpful for if one is trying to figure out which volume of a series contains a particular scene that they want to reread, for example.

    Add the option to sort by series (with volumes of that series becoming visible after clicking on the series name)
    While I appreciate that the search bar exists, there are definitely some situations in which being able to sort by series could speed up finding a particular volume. For example, suppose someone has 6 series; each of which has 10 volumes. At the moment, if they want to find a volume from the 6th series, they would either have to use the search bar or click like 8-9 times on the Next Page button. However, if they could (and did) sort by series, the 6th series would still be on the first page and could be accessed very easily.

    Adding this option would also open the possibility of adding a "download all volumes of this series" button.

  • It would be nice to use this web site to buy and review possible light novels. But as I can't read the pre-pub versions or anything else as nothing comes up apart from the basic details, I doubt the whole thing. yes, I subscribed. So I will have to stick to Amazon instead.

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    @Torino Why don't you buy a normal membership then? This way, you have access to the weekly streamed parts and you can buy premium ebooks (which have a superb quality compared to kindle ebooks by the way).

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