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  • Well, today marks the end of the 3rd week of full lockdown in my country, and only essential jobs are still allowed to work and all other services are closed. JNC would be among those considered non-essential, but I digress. I want to thank the wonderful staff from this site for allowing myself to relax at night with the beautiful novels the push out daily. It's helped a lot to control stress, and you can't imagine how much I needed that.

    Just let me vent a little bit. I'm a physician at the biggest hospital in my country (not bragging, it's more of a hassle than it's worth). Unfortunately, as it's state-run, there's A LOT of deficiencies brought about because of mismanagement. Still, we work hard to keep it working as best as we can. When the pandemic hit us and state-of-emergency was declared, my hospital was designated to be one of the reference establishment for COVID-19 cases, so we deal with the biggest brunt of the disease.

    Problem is, my job is an unsung one and often a thankless one. I work at the Safety and Health at Work Department. In this situation, our job is preventing the spread of the disease among our health-workers, but most of them don't even understand what our job is. So we get blamed when there's lack of protective equipment, we get blamed when perssonel is insuficient because we sent people home to quarantine, we get blamed when we didn't do "enough" capacitation sessions (even though we did as many as we could with the people we had). We get blamed for doing our job, and for not doing what's not our job. We might not be on the frontlines, but we are fighting on our own way while getting backstabbed by those we try to protect. I don't even ask to be thanked, just to not be kicked in the balls while trying my best. Frustration can only be tolerated so far.

    That's the stress I deal everyday with at work. I've been on the brink of burning out several times now. And this might sound stupid, but Light Novels have really helped me coop with that. It might be just a form of escapism, but that's exactly what I need right now. To get relaxed enough to think back on things and realize that I did my job the best I could, that we're keeping the frontlines from crumbling even if they don't realize it, and that I have to keep pushing on the next day if we want to overcome this. LNs let me sit down and burn all that negativity away, so I can hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

    You give me hope.

    I might have been a little ranty there, but I needed to get it out of me. Thanks for your hard work everyday. I don't care what anyone says, my government might deem your job non-essential, but you're ESSENTIAL to ME, and I wanted to let you know that. To all translators, editors, graphic designers, and everyone involved in this wonderful medium. And specially to @Sam-Pinansky for making this site possible. Thanks a lot!!

  • Staff

    That you for your service on the front lines!

    Stay safe and stay healthy!

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