Any Food Related Light Novels?

  • Does anyone know if HJ Bunko, or Overlap Bunko have any series that revolve around food to some extent.

    Maybe takes place in a restaurant or a bakery, or even something like Wagnaria that takes place in a diner but really has nothing to do with food.

    I always find food related stuff interesting and if there is any room for J-Novel Club to license a food related Light Novel that would be nice...but there has to be a food related series to actually license first I suppose.

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    This is the only one I could really find:
    This one has a girl sitting on a burger, uuhh, close enough:

  • @Paulo27 holy molly thank you,

    In all honesty both of those seem super interesting to me.

    Not sure if there are any other users out there who think they look good, but I hope at least one of these 2 is on Sam's watch list.

    Thank You again for looking into that for me, much appreciated.

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    I don't know who published it, but there's one about Elves in a Pizza shop. =P

    I really want that Mascot Assassin one you mentioned, Death Need Round. Sounds fun. I think J-Novel's Sam was a bit iffy on the title before (I think the absurd grimdark nature of it was too over the top).

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    @Terrence Thought that was Uchi no Musume for a second. Also didn't realize that was a HJ novel. This is probably the comfiest novel I have read.

    The one you linked is Shueisha though.

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    Food related novels are one of the important sub genres that we are missing, I agree!

  • @Sam-Pinansky I am going to contain myself and only become 25% more excited about J-Novel Club potentially licensing a Food Related Light Novel.

    That's about all my heart can take.

  • Ever since Toriko, I've had sweet and tasteful cravings for food stories.
    No sour feelings, if you can't find any.
    You bitter find something to eat or you will be pretty clam hungry.
    You doughnut understand these juicy puns, so you butter stop.
    Son of a bisque, now I need to order some food.

  • So I am reviving this thread why you ask...because BookWalker Global had just licensed a Food Related Light Novel from HJ Bunko
    Press Release

    And funny enough it was one of the novels mentioned by @Paulo27

    alt text

    I wonder if BookWalker is handling translation or if they are outsourcing it?

    Edit: Looks like BookWalker is funding the translation and leaving the Novel translation and rights to the publisher...wonder who the publisher is cough cough.

    Snippet from the press release:

    Although the translation costs for these light novels will be fully funded by BookWalker, the English language translation rights will belong to the original publisher.

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