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    I don't really know where to put these, but wanted to share them:

    Custom CSS:

    div.content {font-size: 15px;}

    Inserting this will increase the font size. Standard is 12px.

    .topic .posts .content blockquote {font-size: 13px;}

    This one affects quotes. The previous one will not. Standard is 10px.

    These code snippets are intended as user-level tweaks to the forum interface for those who want a larger font size. By no means are they meant as general suggestions.

    Custom CSS can be added from your user settings page.

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    @piisfun said in Font size:

    Inserting this will increase the font size. 15px is the same as saying "15-point font".

    Only if your display has 72 pixels to the inch. A pixel is not equalent to a point.

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    body {

    This is the default background color.
    for anyone having eye strain problems, I strongly suggest changing the site skin.

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