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    I've been told that Amazon has sent out an email to all owners of Realist Hero that they can now upgrade their file to the full version with instuctions.

    Anyone get the email?

  • Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, I contacted them before and I got it fixed but if it was sent to all owners, I never received one. I also pre-ordered it if that mattered.

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    @jagfeldown I dunno, it's possible that you didn't get an email since you already had the latest version.

    I haven't heard from others but, well, I think that's basically all I can do! If someone out there hasn't upgraded their file they should be able to in their manage device and contents section at least.

    On the bright side Amazon seems to have noticed us making them a non-trivial amount of money now, and in response to this issue they enable my account for phone support! I can actually call them on the phone now if there's trouble.

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    @Sam-Pinansky That's great to be upgraded for Amazon support! That should curb any future spiraling issues like this.

    I notice too that more and more reviews are rolling in for your books, so you're now being reviewed as much or more than most other LNs.

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    It's been a while since I've been able to really get into a good read. Recently I've found a host of them... is it ok to pick up a girl in a dungeon, legendary moonlight sculptor, gun otaku in another world, and now this.

    Less than 24 hours to complete the read and worth every minute. (I really couldn't put it down).

    I can't wait for vol 2, and ended up finding this site.

    Now, if it's only let me upgrade without paying first price I could read more. (So I might not even be renewing membership.)

    Downside, I'd have to wait longer for vol3...

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