J-Novel Club Forum Rules

  • Staff

    Hello and welcome to the J-Novel Club Forums!

    In these forums we want to promote a series of healthy good natured discussion, as such there are a few guidelines we would ask that all users adhere to:

    • The most important thing to know is to respect and be mindful of others' beliefs, opinions, and feelings i.e. treat others as you would have them treat you.

    • No insults, no harassment.
    -This includes flaming, trolling, and baiting. It also includes pressuring and coercive behavior.

    • No discrimination.
    -Neither insulting users nor making discriminatory comments against people based on religion, race, gender, political beliefs, sexuality, etc.

    • No spamming.

    • No content that instigates or instructs methods to break the law.
    -For example: advice on how to steal email accounts etc.

    • Do not post links to fan translations, sites that aggregate links to fan translations (such as NovelUpdates), or direct rips of licensed translations.

    • Do not link to/promote websites that host content they have not licensed.

    • Do not advertise your site, products, or services on these forums

    • Do not link to malevolent/dangerous sites.

    • Do not post any Web Novel spoilers in the volume discussion threads in the Members Only Section. The volume discussions are made for discussing that particular volume, if you wish to discuss the Web Novel please open up a topic for it in the Web Novel Discussions section.

    We ask that you please exercise a degree of common sense in your posting, if you hesitate on if the topic you are creating is appropriate feel free to send me a Direct Message and ask any questions you have.

    Please note these rules are subject to change without warning.

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