A Report Typo Button On the Reader

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    I realize the current norm for reporting typos is currently making a post on the forum corresponding to the volume. Personally, while I don't mind doing it, I prefer to finish the volume part before doing it, and sometimes forget to point something out, since there is no easy way to access the relevant forum while in the middle of the chapter part.

    A possible solution to this would be to add a button on the bottom panel that links to the relevant forum. This way, I wouldn't have to wait to the end of the part to remember what I saw. And it's a bit too much of an effort hurdle to search for the relevant forum from forum landing page. (Probably the easier solution)

    The solution I originally thought of, was a button that brings up a pop-up form that asks the user/reader what they saw, creating an automated post (under the user's name) to the relevant forum, and also makes all the typo reports in the same format. A uniform format might also allow staff easier searching for typo reports in a thread that, say, contains a heated discussion argument about whether it a character should be John Doe or Jon Doe.
    (I wonder if it is worth creating a tick box that flags certain posts as typo report or not.)

    I haven't thought much about the mobile UI side, cuz I hear it's going to be overhauled some day, and I've kinda accepted that its current form is a lost cause of janky messes.

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    There is a link to the relevant forum at the end of every prepub.
    alt text

    As for flagging typos, this is a common suggestion and gets brought back up every once in a while. I don't see it happening any time soon, personally.

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    I realize there is a link at the end. My main problem was that by the time I reach the end, I forget a lot of the typos that I kinda wanted to point out. As much as I want to point them out, it usually ain't worth re-reading to find them.

    Which is why I suggested the link to the forums to be available mid-read, not only at the end of the part.
    I realize there's a bunch of workarounds I could do on my end to fix my dismal memory, but well, I figured making a suggestion here doesn't hurt anybody. And I wouldn't have to put in effort to fix my memory. ;p

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    Since we're talking about the browser reader and not the mobile app, you could just open up a Notepad window, type in whatever typos you find as you find them, and then just paste them all into a forum post at the end.

    Not that there isn't value in having a typo-report feature in the reader itself, but a link to the forums isn't going to be of much value to most people, even other typo-reporters, especially since they might worry about seeing spoilers for the part before they've read them.

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