Can we get spoiler tags (if we don't already have them)?

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    Sorry if we already have the feature and I missed it, but could we get spoiler tags for the forum? Since we have general threads now for discussion it'd be helpful to just say

    "I'm up to Volume 2 (Epub part 5):

    <Spoiler> Did you see the culprit coming from a mile away? I did. </Spoiler>"

    Instead of having to dodge the spoilers to discuss stuff at our reading pace / sit out discussions until we finish the book.

    If we can't get tags, that's OK, it just means I'll again be waiting until I've read the whole book to read the comments in general threads.

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    @Terrence somebody please write a good spoiler tag component for nodeBB!

    So far the only one I found is kind of terrible looking and doesn't work on mobile.

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