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  • Will you be releasing sales numbers or at least sales rankings of your releases? It would be really interesting to see what series are more popular and with which series the fans need to do some promotion to keep the releases coming. I know you are yet to cancel a series, but it would be appreciated to know the series in danger beforehand, so fans actually have a chance to do something about it.

    Also, some info on your monetization strategie, as in which way we should buy your stuff (Amazon takes 30% cut, phisical gets you 20% of sales price) and needed sales for a given series to keep you guys afloat would be nice as well.

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    Did you read their recent AMA on Reddit? I don't think they can answer specific sales data, but there are encouraging signs, like a publisher approaching them about taking one of their light novels instead of the other way around.

    Here's an unofficial recap article on the AMA:

    On popularity:

    How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom is currently the most popular series in terms of viewer numbers, although it used to be Grimgar.

    Incidentally, the most critically acclaimed series on J-Novel Club is undoubtedly The Faraway Paladin, which recently received a glowing review on Anime News Network and is also well-regarded among Japanese readers and critics.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the Info. This actually answers most of my questions. Hope JNC gets profitable ahead of time and that the female centered imprint is just as successful or even more so. Can't wait to see more series being translated. JNC GO!!!