You have a Bug with the payment system.

  • When my membership expired, last week. I can still access (read them books) for almost a week (until I fixed my credit card problem) and I think I can until forever, who knows? I think you need to fix this! YOU'RE GOING TO LOOSE MONEY... and that is BAD.

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    @Phil99 well there is a grace period for people to fix their credit card info for a couple days. I'll double check things for people with actual expired accounts.

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    As feedback, I'd suggest being a bit less kind with the grace period, as it seems to be a long "couple days."

    I knew my card was expiring, and I was expecting that to cancel my subscription, so I didn't pay much attention to actually hitting "cancel" myself.

    I do expect to subscribe again in the future, just not immediately. And I will be waiting a little while after it expires before I subscribe again, so the ongoing week+ grace period is working against you here. And in general, I don't see much reason to give a long grace period for failed payments.

  • As a part-timer, my pay is not always on a fixed date, so I really appreciate this "grace period".

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