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    Just storing a few quotes for quick access and posterity...

    @Guard10120 said:

    I just happen to be the daughter of George Lucas. He told me that in the next movie, Stormtroopers are going to bullseye every shot they take, Kylo Ren is going to marry Darth Plagueis, Rey is going on a quest to find the last Alderaanian cookie, Yuzhang Vongs are going to show up to borrow some sugar from the First Order, the Resistance is making a superweapon called the Revenge of the Yub Yub that relies on high-velocity Ewoks propelled by a force-controlled catapult, Poe Dameron is revealed to be a Kowakian Monkey Lizard in disguise, Harry Potter is apprenticed by the dark lord Gandalf on the planet of Narnia, Greedo will ressurect and get beamed up by Scotty, Mario will premiere using a Pokéball to catch Darth Vader and Elvis Presley is joining the Mos Esley cantina band.

    @Rahul-Balaggan said:

    For members new to J-Novel Club:
    After a volume releases its last part there is typically a 2-3 week break* before the following volume releases its first part. For this series in particular (Bookworm) they are attempting to do it with no break. Please note that does not automatically mean it will be out the following week after the last part finishes.
    For all those wondering why it is not in the schedule yet, the schedule is updated after the first part of a new volume is released, usually it won’t show part 1 of a new volume until the day of release. So when they are ready with part 1 and the English cover has been set they just plop part 1 into the schedule the same day of release.
    So the best thing to do is be patient, part 1 of the following volume will start when it is ready and no sooner.
    *the 2-3 week break is not a hard rule, it is just an observation based on the history of JNC prepub releases.
    Edit: so please do not worry if you don’t see it in the schedule, when it is ready to go live it will be added.

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