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  • Its it juts me who is having a hard time with reading on my phone as its not really user and beginner friendly ? And is it woth to get a membership? As in i dont mind supporting the Authors and translators but i still want to be able to read them easily. Maybe its just me and my lack of knowledge in technology 😂

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    I mean the android app loads a bit slow, but the iOS app and the android app work just fine in my opinion.

    It's a reading app, as long as I can read the text, make it bigger and make it smaller then I am for the most part good to go.

    In the future some UI improvements would be nice, but they would mostly be aesthetic, so that's like a long term thing...for me at least.

    If you don't like reading on your phone you can always read on a tablet, or on your computer.

    In terms of the membership I think it's worth it, lots of content and it comes out at a very good pace.

    I think the premium membership is better cause you get the credits but I think some would argue that.

  • @Zenohelm about reading on a phone/Tab. If you are a active 'book'reader, it'll obviously feel out of place. But give it some time, (around 21 days I'd say) and it'll become comfortable enough that the medium won't even matter. Who knows, you may also efen prefer it to a tangible book. Then you also have some advantages that some book reading apps have compared to a hard copy, example (one of my favorite) that feature where by you can change the background and text colour to your convenience.

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    @Zenohelm Hmmm... Are you using the J-Novel app, or are you reading on the browser?

  • Hmmm .. thx for the info guys ill give it a try then. Iv got nothing to lose hahah oh and im using the browser but ill give the app a try

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    @Zenohelm I made it possible to use the web reader on mobile, but it's kind of inevitably a not so good experience because of the speed. Our website is heavily JavaScript based and single core performance bottlenecked, plus the way the web reader works tends to stress web rendering engines (it renders the entire part in one giant horizontal strip).
    That's why I made sure we also had a dedicated reader app which (apart from the loading and pagination time) is smoother to read with and navigate.

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    @Sam-Pinansky Sam, about the app... I already mentioned it some time ago, but the pics don't load. Before they showed up sometimes while others times didn't. But lately, I can't see them at all... Not sure if it's because of the internet and though my phone is kinda bad, this is the only app that has this kind of problem... So I wanted to know if this is fixable... and btw , will we get another update on the app?

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    @Pmf96 Define lately?

    About 1.5 months ago I doubled the image resolution I upload to 860p, but aside from that there hasn't any change
    I've gotten reports from some people of images not loading on their galaxy tabs but I haven't been able to reproduce it and have no idea what the cause might be... It doesn't seem to affect all android devices, just some, which doesn't really make any sense to me.

    Perhaps there is some OS tweaking that samsung does that blocks apps from loading images larger than a certain size. That's the only possibility I can think of... I'll keep trying things in simulators until I get lucky and reproduce it, otherwise I'll need someone with an affected device to work with to debug it.

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    @Sam-Pinansky Around the past 2 weeks, I can't see the pictures... I'm almost sure that it has something to do with the internet. Hmmm.... I sometimes I have trouble reproducing videos on the laptop cause of the internet, so I'm guessing that the pictures not showing up on the app are something similar...

    Instead of loading the pictures, can't it store them on the device, so this way won't' get the "missing pictures problem"... or some other way to see the pictures even with slow internet... (Hmmm... I'm trying to give suggestions but have no idea in what I'm talking about... sorry about that -,-'')

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