Possibility of offering Yen Press titles?

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    I noticed from some of the discussion going on in the novel pick-up requests thread that people were asking about you licensing some of the titles Yen Press already have.

    I was wondering if there was a chance you'd look into working with Yen Press to offer some of their titles here? I imagine it would be a ways down the road when the idea is proven to work well and catch their interest but I'd like to see it happen. As some of the discussion in the requests thread mentioned they do have a lot of big titles like SAO and DanMachi after all (not that I have any fear that you'll be lacking content, there are plenty of big series that haven't been touched!).

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    Even if this isn't a possibility, it is rather easy to pick up Yen Press titles as they are all available in digital format "Kindle Edition" style on Amazon (Even for us Europeans woo!)

    It seems unlikely though as Kadokawa just purchased Yen Press and seems to have the same idea that e-book is the way to go for maximizing interest overseas. So it seems very unlikely for now.

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    @Fezu That's certainly true in that they're easy to get as an ebook, but in terms of being offered on a platform you pay a monthly fee for?

    It'd be cool for a relationship like that Crunchyroll have built up with a few manga publishers for stuff like Fairy Tail, AoT etc. could happen. Even if you placed some restrictions like it has to be for the latest volumes or only so far back in the catalog, it'd probably still work.

    I say this as someone who supports Yen Press' light novel business quite heavily. Admittedly not when it comes to digital simply because I prefer hard books when something has been released in that form, but I have at least a volume of everything they've done for Yen On. :)

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    Well, perhaps Yen Press have their own idea for a service in the works. Of course, hopefully it doesn't come to that. Seeing how the clash between Funimation and Crunchyroll ended and how it was better to work together. It'd be a shame to see a pointless competition in a new market.

    Though, honestly I do like Crunchyrolls' manga service. But, unfortunately most of their licenses are only available in North America.

    Thankfully at least it seems J-novel and Yenpress at least knows that locking the market to just one region on our beautiful blue planet is a mistake. Hopefully in the future, the tangled mess that is licenses won't be as restrictive for manga as it is today.

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    Sure, it would be great to offer some of Yen Press's titles for online reading to our Members, and maybe they could use it as a form of advertising for their physical book sales.

    I haven't spoken with them directly (although we are talking with Kadokawa about licenses of course), but I wouldn't say it's impossible. First we would need to get more popular I think, or it wouldn't be worth Yen Press's time.

  • @Sam-Pinansky Well, a plus on the getting more popular your site was mentioned on the Fan Service Podcast that Rooster Teeth just restarted this past Friday (its how I heard of and found your site). One of the cast had found your site and brought it up in a discussion about anime related news (0:10:28 of this podcast).

    Hopefully that will help expand your user base a bit faster. With luck you will get mentioned on other similar podcasts and gain the popularity needed to make the kind of agreements and deals being discussed in this thread as well as help with licensing.

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    @Kaliaila wow thanks for the tip! Never would have noticed that shoutout although we did see a spike in traffic a bit.

    I'd like to make deals with places like that and maybe offer their listeners free trial coupons, things like that!

    First though we just need to ramp up the content to its full power!

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    Just by licensing Grimgar you guys got more popular in my book lol.
    Never heard about you guys till Grimgar was licensed <3
    Hopefully much more to come, and please don't shy away from adult LN's too.

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