• Could we just improve the app in general? Just like adding features like recent or history or paying for membership within the app, and also optimizing it? Honestly, as someone with some(though admittedly not much ) app development experience, I would be willing to work on the app for free.

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    Paying for the membership within the app will never happen, at least for iOS. Apple is pretty strict about digital purchases having to use their in-app purchasing system, which can take a significant cut. But they are working on redoing the apps entirely, though there is no publicly known timeline for when it will be ready.

  • @LegitPancake said in App:

    Paying for the membership within the app will never happen, at least for iOS.

    Google Play and MS store have the same rule — in-app purchases that are meant for in-app consumption can only be done through the store and have 30%* fee.
    The difference is the way they enforce some related rules.

    * there may be options with lower fee but don't count on that too much

  • @LegitPancake ok fair, but just generally the app needs to be updated.

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    As someone who works in IT, when you say you want the app to be updated, you really need to be specific. Are you looking for new features, like bookmarking a series so you can easily go back to it, or are you looking for bug fixes like how sometimes the ends sentences get cut off at the end of a paragraph?

    As was pointed out above, I would never suggest in-app purchases when j-novel would have to give google/apple a 30% cut, though you might get around it if the app would re-direct you to a actual webpage to then purchase the novel there if it doesn't break some draconian licensing agreement.

    edit: nm, it does actually do that and redirects to various sites that sell the epub, just not to their own site.

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    Maybe as a pointer on what need to be "updated". And I am talking about the iOS version

    • First of all since some weeks we have the problem that we always need to press how we want to scroll through the story. Even though the scrolling is activated it always goes pagewise
    • Then it loses the last point you read from if you change the orientation of the app (easy fix would be to atleast allow us to change the orientation ourselves without relying on the sensor)
    • An option to only show the series you are interested in would be nice
    • if we could have a synch feature so that any purchased book would be available in the app would be the topping on the cake
    • for me an annoyance but how about some notification when a new series you are watching releases a part?
    • how about a fix that you don't need to regularly log into the account on the app? I lose sporadically the connection/login which is strange as I see content that is only available for members but when I click on it it says I am logged out and returns me to the credentials

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