Pax East: What Will I Play?

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    So, I have tickets to Pax East tomorrow, first time visitor. If all goes according to plan, I should be able to try out quite a few games, though I think I'll stick to mostly Indies (don't really want to wait 3 hours to try Splatoon). If Sony booths aren't too busy, I'd like to try Cosmic Star Heroine.

    Anything you know is there and think is worth trying?

    Anything in particular you'd like thoughts on? (Again, barring heavy lines).

    I'm really hoping I can get a good night's sleep for this thing so I can check back tomorrow with coherent thoughts. =)

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    I tried out Away (first person anime inspired rogue like). It's still very early in development (out at the end of the year), but I gave them feedback on hit detection. One other guy mentioned wanting a mini map, which I wouldn't mind, though the world isn't that big I guess, but there was a sort of "find the three caves to unlock one" goal that if you have a bad sense of direction, you could easily enter the same one twice (they have the same flag markings it seemed, and general look).

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