Feature Request: Making it easire to report errors

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    I often see errors in the posted prepubs and I'd really like to help by bringing them to the translator's and/or editor's attention. But right now there is no convenient way to copy/paste the error text or to refer to the location within the document.

    In the Bookworm P3V2 correction thread I asked how other people were copying the text for the purpose of referring to it. The responses I received were that two people used screen scrapers and one manually transcribed the text. While I admire the dedication and persistence of these users, personally, I think that we shouldn't have to resort to pirating the text in order to post corrections to it.

    Thus, I might humbly request a feature where you can highlight text and "report error". Kindle has a similar feature in case you'd like to see what I mean.

    This feature could work with the current forum approach. For example, once a user highlights text and selects to "report error", this might automatically generate a template message to the appropriate forum with a precise location identifier, the highlighted text bolded, and some amount of surrounding text provided for context. The user could then indicate which change they would recommend and provide any other notes or points for discussion before finally clicking "submit" once finished.

    Something like that would make it much easier for lazy people like me to support JNC.

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    There is a generic topic for this, but you are correct that it is much harder to copy/paste text than it used to be. The reasons for that are probably geared towards limiting piracy (yes, it happens).

    Since reporting errors is NOT a requirement of being a member, there will probably be less motivation to make it "super easy".

    You might want to investigate "Reader view" for your browser. Firefox has it built in; it's an add-on for chrome. It is intended to make pages more accessible for screen readers and such.

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    @SomeOldGuy Thanks, I didn't see that existing forum. If the mods want to move this over that would be fine with me.

    I will only say that it bothers me a bit to see errors that I am unable to report. By the time I stop reading and return to my PC I've usually forgotten what the error is. So, speaking as a member, I'm asking for this feature. That said, it's completely fine if JNC believes that there are not enough other members who would benefit that it is not worth implementing.

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    My thing is that any time I spot a typo, 99% of the time Terabyte or someone else has already reported it. I think after checking what's already been reported in a series topic, across everything I'm reading I've only submitted one error that slipped passed everyone else in the last like 6 months.

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