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    So it looks like this has been suggested before, but didn't get much traction. Since it's been a few years since the original suggestion, I would like to pose it again. Would it be possible to get some sort of notification system that would only alert me of the series I am actually reading? I don't read all of the half-dozen chapters that come out every day, but there's some series that I am following very closely. It's kind of annoying to need to keep a tab open for every single one of them so I don't lose my place.

    Could we implement some sort of customized RSS feed or a Following list that could keep track of the series we're reading and report when a new chapter comes out without spamming us with stuff for the books we're not reading?

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    You could have just replied to that thread instead of making a new one.
    Have you looked at the Beta Website Feedback thread? In particular the first post which says:

    P.P.S. We have some new RSS/Atom/JSON Feeds up for people to follow individual series, and ones for a user's follows (you can follow a series on the beta website). We will have buttons up on the new site for easy access in the near future, but for the more adventurous, here's how to access the feeds:

    Series (manga or novel):<SERIES ID>.<rss|atom|json>

    User follows:<USER ID>.<rss|atom|json>

    Example RSS feed for bookworm parts:

    If you encounter any bugs in the feeds, please report them.

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    The site gave me a warning when I was about to reply to the old one. Anyway, thanks for the link; I'll check that out.

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    @Vorthod in addition to the now-available user follow and series-specific RSS/ATOM/JSON feeds (easy links on the beta site coming soon), we are working on implementing (optional) push notifications for supported browsers and the new app

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