What is your opinion on the VN "ISLAND"?

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    TL;DR ranting ahead
    After spending 50 hours on the game, now I'm left with a bag of mixed feelings. Generally the experience was positive, and I'm not a bit dissatisfied with being led by the nose and bamboozled through out the game and

    But maybe I can't help but compare it to G.O.'s other work (Himawari). If Himawari is a complicated, intricate collection of small details that are brilliantly linked to each other, this one is more simple, with less small details, but with the intention masked till the end to lead players around.

    And the weirdest thing is

    All in all, just like G.O.'s previous work, I still think that we need some more expansion of the main heroine's story, just like Aqua's route in Himawari is considered canon and that is confirmed with Aqua After Story (too bad it was never translated). The story can end with an open end, sure, but there are some more development that can be done to make that open end more acceptable.

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