Corrections of a Bookworm

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    I joined this site yesterday, pretty much just to read this series and stayed up most the night reading it.

    I've got the J Novel app, and I read that there was a corrections thread. I picked up several errors while reading, but I wasn't going to stop reading to note the corrections.

    No offence (really), but the app is pretty basic. There is no way to bookmark series or get notifications when a new chapter is released. If there was a way to flag corrections in the app, I would happily do it. It would be good if I could check the original Japaneser to see what it was supposed to be.

    My job is to build apps and systems. Is there a place here where they discuss it?
    Is there a github where I could help with the project?

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    Thank for you signing up and thank you for taking the time to give feedback.

    Currently the site is about to get an update, and a beta is live,

    As noted in that topic, an app is in development but won’t be releasing anytime soon...

    If you would like to I quite about possible app development you can contact J-Novel Club,

    Lastly since this is a feedback topic I will be moving it to the feedback section.

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