Premium e-books release date!

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    When I pre-order a premium e-book using credits, for example, I am directed to the "redeem credit" site, without any info on when the e-book is gonna be released.

    Amazon displays the date those e-books hit our devices, though. Would love to see the same with premium e-books!

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    @Vũ-Thế-Sơn yeah the info is on the previous page, but good suggestion to add it on the final confirmation page.

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    Was thinking the same the other day when wanted to check the release dates of the e-books.

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    @Pmf96 I'm trying to figure out what I need to read now. I think Paying to Win 2 and Sister Lives in a Fantasy World are up next.

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    @Terrence Hmmm.... Are you asking about the dates or what do you want to start next? :sweat_smile:
    I still have to read the latest volumes of both those series, but do like Fantasy world quite a bit more :3

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    @Pmf96 What's up next to be removed. I try to read everything prepub that I can (besides Occultic Nine). x)

  • @Terrence based on what has already been released the following should be coming up on the chopping block:

    • Grimgar 2
    • Realist Hero 1
    • Apocolyspe 2
    • Mixed Bathing 2
    • VRRMO 2
    • Siskan 1 & 2?(not sure what's going on there, all of 1 is still available, so not sure if 1 and 2 are going down soon)
    • Smartphone 1 (with the anime coming I am not sure if they plan on holding the series up for subscribers for a while longer then usual)

    If you haven't read Realist Hero, or Smartphone you should give it a read, in my opinion they are both top notch.

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    Haven't read SmartPhone yet (I hope it doesn't expire too soon). How long is the read of V1 compared to others on the site? I think it had less parts.

    I still have the March Ebook credit. Which volume 2s seem the longest (besides Occultic Nine). Realist Hero? Faraway Paladin?

    My favorites are Realist Hero 1, Paladin 1, Big Sis 1+2, Mixed Bathing 1+2, Grimgar 2.

    Unfortunately, I know a lot of the major happenings in Grimgar going forward since I spoiled the events for myself (all the way up to part 7 or 8 or 9? Pretty far in the future. I was basically looking for shipping wars info).

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    @Terrence Smartphone is very much "medium" length... The books are all 32X pages in the Japanese publications.

    We split them into 6 parts but that's just to hurry up the schedule. The parts are therefore a bit longer than the parts for other boks on our site.

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