Hey Jnovel club any chance that you can put some development time into your jnovel club app so it can get text-to-speech?

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    So the main draw for me eat least with amazon and kindle is the text-to-speech option because its way to convenient and lets me work and listen at the same time...
    But with amazon going crazy it seams a prudent time to add this feature...

    It make a lot of sense too since reading on a mobile phone really does you battery no favors... i mean unlike a e-inc display powering a backlit LCD display is just gonna drain your battery away... text-to-speech is way more convenient and wont drain nearly as much energy.

    If your gonna have a e-book app on android i would say its an absolute must have feature...

    I cant speak to how much of a challenge it would be to develop for android and apple but if you did a window app then it would be absurdly easy because i know the window api is dead simple...

    it should be fairly simple on android to i imagine since there is always at least the basic text-to-speech support built in.. but i cant say for sure since i never actually played around with that feature when i developed for android... and regarding IOS i have no clue... never touch that stuff...

    anyway i think it's well worth doing worst case you may have to go through your library a bit and just make sure the encoding is ok and that nothing is tripping up the text-to-speech but probably nothing to challenging and worst case one can always just have separately formatted version downloaded exclusively for text-to-speech with any other then safely formatted text removed.

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    Have you tried reading the premium editions on your Kindle / Kindle app?

    Calibre is free and will convert Epub to Kindle. For the e-ink readers it will also copy to the device with one click.

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    @blarg-harblarg-ipzw6jh Hi there!

    We're currently working on a new app, but our current scope is simply to be a replacement for the existing app with additional features that make sense for what the app is currently meant to do. We'll discuss TTS compatibility internally, but any work on it or features outside our current scope won't be considered until the new app is released.

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    Just want to say I use text-to-speech on the iOS app literally every day. I probably use it more than reading with my own eyes lol. I use it when driving long trips, I use it when mowing the lawn, I use it in bed before falling asleep, etc. Don't know if the Android app is much different but the iOS app works nicely with the system-supported TTS feature, I can even lock the phone screen and it will continue reading, and when I open the screen back up it updates to the paragraph that it's currently on. I hope the new app will be just as useful.

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    @myskaros glad to hear it is at least being investigated as a possible future feature.

    alterantivly though what's my best option to get something like epub or other format of your library of books to use with other ebook readers with TTS support?

    I am really not sure what would work for me in that regard.
    if I can no longer be sure to get said product from amazon....

    Not sure what alternative store would offer any such format...

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    @blarg-harblarg-ipzw6jh Our premium ebooks are DRM-free EPUB files, so you can use a free program such as Calibre to convert them to MOBI and load them on your Kindle.

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    I currently listen to all my epubs using Google Play Books' read aloud function, but there are dozens of other apps that will also read aloud an epub. JNC makes it particularly easy by providing the files DRM-free.

    That said, I'd still love TTS support on the official app or in-browser reader. I rarely read prepubs because I'm so used to listening; I mostly only actually read from my physical copies. Android's built-in screen reader doesn't work well with the prepubs, because it doesn't turn pages and wont work with the screen off.

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    @myskaros oh cool i think i may pull the trigger on going premium then moon reader should work fine then that one does text to speech!
    Excellent! thanks...

    Plus i wanna buy less from amazon anyway they are kind if evil.. anyway double win for me! thanks!

  • @myskaros when do you plan to release the new version of the app? The current version of your app is unusable on newer devices (i currently use a oneplus 7t) and it misses basic features like the stay logged box and the reset password.

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    @SkrillTeck The new app is still under development. We do not have a prospective release date at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience and the issues you experience on the current app, but I cannot disclose any more information at this time.

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    If you have Android just download FullReader. Pauses at the end of sentences and has text to speach with a drive function so while you travel controls are easy to use. I love the app even with the advertisements which are small and dont bother me at all.

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