Can you offer mobi format aswell as epub?

  • Hello im new hear and due to the amazon issue im allso in a but of a pickle. I do not have a pc to run caliber on and so was wondering if it would be possible if you could offer both the epub and mobi formats aswell as let us link are device email to are JNC premium account so we can just send the ebook to are devices that way. It would realy make buying the premium ebooks alot easier for kindle owners and i would be very happy to buy all my books this way. Of course i ask this not knowing if its even legal to do this

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    If you install Calibre (available for most operating systems), you have the ability to convert to mobi and other formats, and it will even email the mobi file to your kindle.

    Edited to add, Calibre is available for Raspberry Pi computers, if not having a "regular" computer is a problem.

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    @SomeOldGuy They did mention they have no pc, but I think it just meant no computer in general. That being said you can also convert through mobile apps or online.

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    I've never tried it, but a quick search shows this for Android:

    So, it should definitely be possible to do the conversion on your phone if that's what you need to do.

  • Yes i lack a computer to do the work on. I will look into doing it on a phone. But the point of my request is tbh all of that is alot of extra steps for the customer to go through when it could be possible to just link your device email to your JNC account and skip all the extra steps. Its so nice to just click a few buttons and be reading a few seconds later. I understand that JNC may not have the time to work on somthing like that right now or even in the near future bit it would be a realy nice feature expecial since some of us are not very tech savy and i dont realy see a reason why it cant be done.

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