Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (manga)

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    Author: Yanai Takumi
    Artist: Sao satoru
    Tags: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, drama, mature, seinen and romance
    Status:17 volumes (ongoing)
    Original publisher: Alpha polis
    Type: manga
    Source: light novel

    Description (baka updates): A gate appears in Tokyo's Ginza district sometime in the 21st century. From the gate pours out monsters, knights from middle-age Europe, and other fantasy-like beings, and they kill many of the citizens of Tokyo. This event is known as the Ginza Incident.

    The government sends a small group of soldiers from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to the alternate world beyond the gate. Led by otaku soldier Yōji, they find that the villages in the world are being attacked by a dragon. An elf girl who is a survivor from the dragon's rampage joins the group in their travels across the dangerous new world.

    From what I've found (in the UK) only 1 volume has been translated and published (by sekai project) but I am unable to find any other translated volumes so I assume that they have dropped the series or have given up on it (as I am pretty sure the 1st volume was released back in 2016).

    Why I would like it translated find it to be a very enjoyable series that takes a unique concept, manages to mix it with harem, comedy and action element and (in my opinion) pulls it off wonderfully. Plus I feel like the licencing rights are just collecting dust in sekai project's inventory.

    P.s I finally know how to display an image!

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