ebook encoding text to speech quirks (kindle)

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    the kindle tends to hang up on certain encoding quirks i think was reading "Mapping: The Trash-Tier Skill That Got Me Into a Top-Tier Party: Volume 1" and it got stuck on location 194 or the 7% point...

    anyway you guys may wanna check that out and see if you can work on some procedure to make sure its more smooth sailing.

    Not sure what the issue is but and maybe its just that page but I've had other light novels just stall over and over and over to the point where i just give up on that entire series.

    I suppose i could try another book reader now since its an epub but you may wanna fix this so its not an issue in the kindle release version...

    I got the epub from you guys this time but if i had gotten the kindle version this may have made it useless to me.

    i've refunded books over this before... like please try to figure out this stuff and find some way of getting cleaner encoding so it wont trip up the kindle...

    i've complained about this to amazon before but frankly their text-to-speech has been fickle for decades... the voice is also nice though so and they have a lot of the good stuff..
    so kind of a hard thing to work around...

    anyway hoping j-novel club can do a bit of quality assurance on the encoding.

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    I use Google Play Books on my phone and I didn't have a problem with the text-to-speech for that book, or any other ebook for that matter. The most I get is a few seconds of pause when coming across a particularly long sentence. If you read on a phone you can also try the phone's TTS system, which would work separately from the app's. I know some other people use various TTS systems and I've never heard of this problem, so I'm inclined to not think it's an issue on JNC's end.

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