Suggestion: Watchlist/Follow List

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    Being able to tag specific stories as followed (watched, subscribed, whatever) would open up an avenue for improved features. At the basic level, it would be useful to see a feed with only the stories I'm reading. At a more advanced level, it could be used as a list of unread parts for subscribed titles, for push notifications on new part publications, or reminders about ebook launches and prepub takedowns.

    The concept is basic functionality for multiple title subscription services but it can be implemented around so many other features that it'll inevitably be a pain to flesh out.

  • I concur with this suggestion, and I'd like to help by summarizing it below. Note that I've also added some of my suggestions as "Later improvements".


    • being able to mark a title/series as a favorite/watching.
    • being able to see a list of titles marked as a favorite/watching.
    • being able to get notifications of updates of a favorited/watched title (RSS feed? push notification? email?)

    Later improvements

    • being able to see what was the user's last read chapter.
    • being able to see what volumes has the user already bought.
    • being able to see a few suggested titles based on the user's favorited/watched titles.
    • being able to order the favorites/watchlist:
      • by Alphabetical
      • by Publish Date/Year (when it was first officially released, not by when it was added to the site's database)
      • by Last Released Chapter/Volume (a.k.a, Last Updated)
      • by Number or Released Chapter/Volume
      • by Rating/Ranking (if available)
      • by Users Favorited/Watching (if available)

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    This sort of improvement would be really useful. Thanks for the initial suggestion and the work fleshing it out as this would make the experience significantly more user friendly.

  • Hi, I just got here and that's the first I noticed : there is, actually, no way to make bookmarks. It's a shame because I have to scroll trough all serie to find the one I'm currently reading at each time....

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    @mokonaw Probably faster to find the series in the release page and go to other parts from there.