Working with Other Companies to Expand the Catalog of eBooks?

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    I immediately jumped on the Premium membership, because it looked like the kind of thing I would really enjoy. This service reminded me of Audible and its credit system as well.

    Is there a possibility that you can work with some of the other Japanese novel groups out there (Yen Press, Vertical, Haikasoru, Cross Infinite Worlds) and get some of their eBooks on some kind of storefront area, so we can use credits toward some of those books as well? At an early stage like this, the more selection, the more people I see joining the service.

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    This was already adressed in the other thread about Yen Press.

    I think its highly unlikely any kind of merge happening anytime soon, this is a new service and therefore doesn't have much power in negotiations with other parties.

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    @Fezu That's not entirely what I was thinking of when I suggested it. The other thread was asking about offering titles on the website as part of the basic membership.

    I'm thinking of something a little more like Audible's service. They offer a credit a month for an audiobook, both from their own studio and other audiobook studios. If the customer buys from one of the other companies, they would get a cut of the profit from that month's premium credit, with the rest going to JNC. You could also charge a fee for additional credits for that month, in case you wanted to buy more than one book for that month.

    I do agree that it's probably too early to be thinking about these kinds of partnerships though.

    Hope that clarifies my line of thinking!

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    Ahh, I see. Well, yeah. The issue that I already brought up probably makes that really hard to happen at this moment.

    The credit purchase thing is already a feature that will happen for this service as well.

    Right now Premium members get 1 credit each month and we are also allowed to purchase more if we like at a later date when that system is put in place.

    I agree though it'd be really cool, but partnerships usually doesn't start happening until the service has matured and other parties has found an interest in the service.

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