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  • Can we have the options to sort our library by author or series? I have like 8 premium books currently and it is getting messy. The fact it's not in order just triggers my OCD even though I don't really have OCD lol

  • I second the motion!

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    @Rahul-Balaggan Yeah, I agree the library was one of the last parts of the webpage I coded and I was running out of time :).
    Improving it is one of the things I should do, although let's be clear: It's really just there to let you download the epubs and then you can import them into whatever epub library software you like, like Calibre.

  • @Sam-Pinansky It's annoying to not have it sorted because I need to double check to confirm I already bought certain volumes. I can only imagine this getting more annoying the more books I get.

  • @Sam-Pinansky yuppers I put the ePub files into both iBooks and google play books so I can have them whether I take an iOS or android phone, however right now with 24 titles in my library scrolling to the bottom has become slightly tedious.
    Imagine what it will be like when there are 50+ books in a library...i may never reach the bottom.

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    @Rahul-Balaggan wow have we really done 24 books already?

    Maybe I should slow down.

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    @Sam-Pinansky At this point you're going to soon beat Yen Press in total numbers of released LN volumes.

  • @Sam-Pinansky think of it like this Sam if you slow down on the books I will have to use my disposable income on drugs...your saving my life here Sam

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    @Fezu The one thing I hope is that their scheduling spurs on other LN producers to speed up both their acquisition and production of volumes.

    I wonder if Yen On Senpai notices us? :blush:

  • @Terrence if Yen Press/On did not consider J-Novel Club a serious threat after their first 3 months in service that means they aren't taking their light novel business seriously at all.

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    @Rahul-Balaggan I have noticed more interesting acquisitions lately, particularly Mikagura High School and that Maria Zero Box one or whatever. Dunno if that's in response, but it's nice to have more series now that don't have super recent (or even existent) anime adaptations.

  • @Terrence Mikagura was licensed by One Peace Books.

    However Yen Press still holds true to their formula, if there is an anime or if an anime will be announced soon they bring it over.

    They do have a small selection of books that don't have an anime but... The Isolator by kawahara, Reki I mean it's the author of SAO what kind of gamble are they really taking there.

    The Pandora Hearts novels and Psycome count as the "risky" ones they licensed.

    I won't count Goblin Slayer as a risk, I just can't.

    However there is nothing wrong with that formula but I mean we never get anything more out there only mainstream stuff that can be created into an anime.

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    @Rahul-Balaggan Is The Empty Box and the Zeroeth Maria adapted as an anime? I hear it's a popular on sites for LNs, so maybe that's not so risky.

    Decapitation: The Kubikiri Cycle is by Nisiosin, so not exactly a crazy license, and they haven't really said a whole lot past the first volume or two releases, right?

    Glad we're getting Rokka, but it feels like so long since it's anime run. Same goes for Alderamin whenever they announce that.

    Sorry to stray off topic. I will say, I feel a lot of these series we're getting from J-Novel Club should be good enough to be adapted (particularly My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World).

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    @Bryan It actually does trigger my OCD. I'd love the library to sort better than simply by purchase date, or whatever it does now. :)

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    Also wanted the sorting option for the library... and if possible, have a different Download button until we download it. Since that way would be easier to know wich volumes we still need to download. (Or at least a way to know the more recent volumes)
    and the option to Hide or show the already downloaded titles, etc...

    Btw, do the e-books get more than one version? (By version, I mean if they are updated because of typos and stuff...) If so, getting some sort of notification would be nice.

    Just a couple of things that I would like to see in the library :3

  • @Terrence

    "The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria" doesn't have an anime adaptation. Two main reasons for this. The series wasn't that popular in Japan. Maybe because the author took his time writing the last volume or because the writing style wasn't that "light novel-ish". I still don't get it though. It is honestly the best piece of literature I have read. (Just look at my username lol "Hakomari" is another name for "The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria". And my profile picture is a fan art of the main character ) The second reason is that it is basically unadaptable into an anime. The author wrote this in a way that he tricks the readers with the help of words. The mystery wouldn't work that well in a anime where there are visual and audial cues. (But who knows, 10 years ago no one including the author thought that "A song of Ice and Fire" would get a tv series either)

    The worst part is that Yen Press is very slow with their releases. The first volume will be out in 180 days(YES, I am even counting the days xD) and the series will most likely not be finished before 2020...

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