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    Hey guys!

    Just signed up for a premium membership, love the concept/idea of your service. Super happy to see someone take a more professional stab at a lot of these translations and content delivery. Great work!

    Onto my actual question: I see in the ToS that members do not seem to allowed to directly access the j-novel.club API (I saw it being used by my web browser). I'd love to be able to fiddle with it to make reading more comfortable for myself.

    • Is there any way I could register/get permission for an app I build to use that API?
    • Failing that, are there better ways to access content I'm paying for than the website? I have an iPhone and Kindle, but I don't see any references to apps for either device on this website.

    Thanks again!

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    @Damien-Wilson Just search for our apps on the app store or google play!

    We talk about them on the howitworks page, btw.

    As for the API access, I haven't published a public specifications for it, but if you had something specific you'd want to do using it, send me an email at contact@j-novel.club with a proposal and I might send you the specs to program something up.

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    Hey Sam!

    Much to my chagrin, searching for the app on the iOS App Store sorted me out pretty quickly! It's certainly much better than messing around with the web interface on my phone. :)

    I'll use the iOS app for a bit and reach out if I have any bright ideas. Thanks for the quick response, and thanks again for reaching out!

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    @Damien-Wilson The problem with allowing people to use the API officially is that then there is an expectation that I won't just change something and break everyone's apps.

    There's a significant amount of infrastructure and documentation that would be required to allow such functionality without being really flakey.

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