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    As I had a comment deleted today, I thought of giving feedback regarding how I think the appearance of deleted comments could be improved on the poster's end.

    Currently, the comment is just greyed-out and the upvote/downvote is gone. I have a pretty poor WiFi connection and the webpage updated to show my comment was deleted right when I tried to cancel an edit on the comment, so my first thought was just "Oh, my dang WiFi is at it again, something must have gone wrong with my comment. I'll just re-comment it!" Which of course actually just created a second comment that needed removing.

    In contrast, when other people's deleted comments are viewed, it says something like "This comment has been deleted," which I think would be useful to tack onto the bottom of the greyed-out text for users viewing their deleted comment. (I did have the thought after re-commenting that maybe it had been deleted by a mod, so I tried to log out and view it from outside my account to see if it had that description... but it was in the Member's Only section so I couldn't confirm it that way u.u).

    Obviously this is sorta an edge case since my comment got deleted pretty quickly while I was still online, and I put the second comment up pretty fast which probably meant Rahul didn't even have time to message and notify me in the first place; plus now that I know it's what deleted comments look like on my end, I have it for future reference. Just a suggestion to (ideally) help make it clearer that the comment was deleted and its poster isn't just experiencing connection issues.

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    The forums layout and programming I believe are developed and maintained by a separate entity, so don't think J-Novel has any control over that.

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    What @LegitPancake said. We won't have time to make improvements to the forum software (besides updates, configuration changes and possible extension installation) for a long time. You could try opening an issue on the appropriate GitHub repository:

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    @chocolatkey @LegitPancake Thank you for the information! I'll be sure to pass my opinion on to the repository ^^

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    Got a response to my GitHub suggestion, which I'll copy here:

    It's up to the theme to determine what the .deleted class does, in persona it just adds opacity: 0.3 to the content element.
    Unprivileged users don't see the contents of deleted posts this is separate from the styling. So you could override the css and remove the opacity but regular users still won't see the content of deleted posts.
    It is very simple for a theme to add additional messaging to posts if they are deleted. ie
    {{{ if posts.deleted }}}
    this post is deleted
    {{{ end }}}
    This can be added anywhere in the post.tpl and it will show a message for deleted posts.

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