Do you get nostalgic when you see or read about places in light novels, manga or anime that you've been to before?

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    I was recently watching an the latest episode of "Tonikaku Kawaii" and found it set in Nara, Japan. A place that I visited some time ago when I visited Japan for about a month or so. I found my self wrapped up in this particular episode because I had been there and personally saw many of the sites that they had seen. Todaiji and the Giant Buddha, and Horyuji I both saw in person when I was there and a wave of nostalgia washed over me when I saw this episode. I find that this happens pretty much every time I see or read about places I've been be it here or in Japan. Especially Japan. I'm one of only a few people I know that can say "Hey, I've been there." and can relate more with the story that a person who is just seeing or reading about it having never experienced these scenes in real life.

    I don't know if I'm just making a connection that isn't really there, but I feel that it kinda puts you in the story just a little bit. As I look at or read about these scenes through the characters eyes I remember about seeing them with my own. Do any of you feel the same way when you come across this in your reading and watching journeys?

    Oh! I forgot to mention the deer. If you ever do go there do be careful because those cute little devils can and will bite! Sometimes when you're not looking! They are very, very sneaky!

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    Totally. I'm a sucker for when they mention Tokyo tube lines I've been on...

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