Hyouka has finally been licensed!

  • So after all these years, hyouka has finally been licensed by FUNimation. A blu-ray and DVD will be released for both the dub and sub. The dub part 1 will be released 4th July(7/4).


    Is anyone as excited as I am? This anime is easily my top 5 and I've always wondered why this didn't get the recognition (I thought) it deserved. This is a good start, maybe we'll see a season 2 in the future ;)? Though I don't think there is enough material from the LN right now...

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    Excited for the license: Yes
    Excited about having it in separate parts: No
    Will I still buy it: yes

  • @Rahul-Balaggan I'm basically feeling the same. I'll buy it no matter what

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    Glad the license got picked up and its' getting a blu ray release! Thanks to Funimation for doing good work picking up all these unlicensed home release titles.

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    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd pre-ordered!

    Along with
    And you Thought There is Never a Girl Online LE

    And it's sitting in my cart right now and I am thinking about ordering Three Leaves Three Colors

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    Oh... Coincidently I was thinking on starting collecting anime and am a big fan of Hyouka. (I just decided this yesterday xD )
    I will try buying the Blu-Ray of Cowboy Bebop next month since I have never seen it and have been intending to watch it for so many years :sweat_smile:

    Btw, is there something that I should now about collecting anime? (I have literally no experience on this...)

  • @Pmf96 I don't think I can help you there, as I'm not a collector type, sorry. Once I've read/watched something, I usually don't go back to them, unless it was a long time ago I read/watched the material, or if it is just that good. So I've never cared about collecting things. But like I said, Hyouka is in my top 5, that's why I'm buying the blu-ray. But lately I've been thinking about actually trying it out, so maybe this is the start of something new? I'm not positive though... But then, this was about you, not me :sweat_smile: sorrry

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    @ImIlyaz said in Hyouka has finally been licensed!:

    here, as I'm not a collector type, sorry. Once I've r

    Nah, don't worry :smile:
    I also never go back after finishing a show. Though I have a couple that I really want to watch it again I never do... and buying the actual Blu-Ray seems a good way to go back on the series. (Also want to own my favorites :3 )
    Also would love to have Hyouka. Its not in my top 5, but its one of the few mysterys that I actually like. Also, random quote from the synopses that I quite enjoy and always use when talking about the series :sweat_smile: "Hyouka shows that normal life can be full of small mysteries".
    Im also hoping that its something that I keep collecting.

    ... and the way that I decided to buy an anime was really random. I had already decided to watch Cowboy Bebop for my 500th anime (495 at the moment) and yesterday I started FLCL and from the 1st episode alone I loved it... then, since it has only 6 episodes I thought that maybe it could be cheap and when I was on the website Cowboy Bebop randomly appeared and I decided to buy Blu-ray for the 500th anime :sweat_smile:
    Also dont worry about that :smile: I quite enjoy hearing (or reading) about stuff like this :3

    Edit: Just realized that I may have written a little too much :sweat_smile:

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    @Pmf96 said in Hyouka has finally been licensed!:

    (Also want to own my favorites :3 )

    This is pretty much the formula you should use...though sometimes i don't stick to it.

    My favorite anime is Log Horizon but I own none of the blu-rays.

    I laughed really hard at Himouto Unaru-Chan I ranked it in my top 50 but I pre-ordered the Limited Edition set.

    I suppose for me it's not so much about where the actual anime ranks, rather what bonus material is being shipped with the Deluxe/limited sets.

    With that being said I think you should only buy the ones you like rather then what's being included as extras, that will save you money in the long run.

    Don't be like me, cause when I see the words Limited Edition I often see my credit card in my hands.

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    This is pretty much the formula you should use...though sometimes i don't stick to it.

    The problem is that I have way too many favorites :sweat_smile:
    Haha hopefully I will xD

    Don't be like me, cause when I see the words Limited Edition I often see my credit card in my hands.

    Lmao I will try... and fail miserably succeed.

    I also feel like I really need to like series to a certain degree to buy it, so if indeed end up buying it, it definitely will be a series that I enjoyed.
    That said, I still didn't bought anything, so I have no idea how it will be :sweat_smile:

  • @Rahul-Balaggan Ahahah that seriously made me laugh. Whenever I see 'limited edition' I always think "Who'd fall for that lmao?" Then there is you casually admitting it 😂. By the way, have you heard Umaru-chan is getting a season 2? :D

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    @ImIlyaz Yes and I am hella excited. I just hope the jokes come in just as well as season 1.

    Although I would be happier if Viz picks up the manga with 2 seasons at this point.

  • @Rahul-Balaggan oh I'd love for the manga to be licensed

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    Omg you have no idea how much I love Hyouka!!!! I want a season 2 so badly but like you said, there probably won't be one anytime soon ;(.

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