What are you reading at [enter fan site here]

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    Just interested in what light novels or web novels everyone is reading on various fan sites. This is not a list of where to find them, I think we are all intelligent enough how to use google-sensei to find them...

    Legendary moonlight sculptor
    Only good taste for a dukes daughter
    Magi's grandson

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    • My death flag shows no sign of ending
    • Re:Zero (Sorry YP, couldn't wait for the LNs to catch up)
    • Uchi Musume
    • I got reincarnated and mistaken as a genius
    • Wortenia Senki ( I have my doubts about whether the translator actually knows basic English syntax...)

    And I also follow a few fictions on RoyalRoad:

    • The good student
    • The forgotten counquerer

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    WARNING: do not google these if you are easily offended.
    SECOND WARNING: Maybe also if you're not 18+; Many of them are appropriate, but some are not.

    (Um, Sorry) I've been Reincarnated
    The New Gate
    The Different World Magic is Too Behind
    The Man Picked up by The Gods
    Dragon Maken War
    Isekai Mahou Isekai Mahou Ha Okureteru
    Slave Harem
    Takami No Kago
    I Work as a Healer in another World's Labyrinth City
    To Deprive a Deprived Person
    Maou No Hajimekata (I think this just got licensed somewhere?)
    Others... Those are the ones I check regularly for updates.

  • My LN list is in my signature. I'm reading a lot. For fan-translated stuff I'm actively reading at the moment. These are only Light Novels as I've dropped reading Web Novels all together.

    • Campione!
    • Chrome Shelled Regios
    • Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
    • Clockwork Planet
    • Eromanga-sensei
    • Altina the Sword Princess
    • Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu
    • Hyouka
    • Magika no Kenshi to Basileus
    • NEET dakedo Hello Work ni Ittara Isekai ni Tsuretekareta
    • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
    • Risou no Himo Seikatsu
    • Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
    • Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index
    • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
    • The New Gate

    • Biblia at NanoDesu(my favorite one)

    • Oregairu(Yen Press are WAY too slow, I have their first volume though.)

    • Mondaiji-Taichi (sh#ts getting good, am in v4 currently)

    • Kokoro connect (though I'm waiting for NanoDesu to finish their first Volume

    • I JUST started to read "The reincarnated person doesn't want to cheat at Yukkuri. The MC is a girl do that's a bit refreshing

    These are all ATM, I'm still looking for more, I just happen to be too picky. I can't seem to get into something if I'm not attached to the characters

    Oh Edit: I was actually planning on picking up the moonlight sculptor, should I? And why

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    Try the manhwa first. If you like it then pick up the novel.

  • @Hakomari that'd be a problem as I don't like Manga that much

  • @ImIlyaz Depends on what you'd be looking for out of the series. In regards to character depth and development, it's shallower than the puddles my tears form. In regards to action, the army sized combat is well done and it's a fun series. The author also has issues at times when it comes to writing the most boring parts over and over as a kind of fluff. The IRL stuff in the series also tends to be super cringeworthy or boring at times.

    I do enjoy the series when it comes to the action and wars though. So once again, it's about what you're expecting from the series.

  • @Aruseus493 hm thanks for clarifying that

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    To be honest I discovered the manga first, enjoyed it. The problem came for me when they did the "break" before season 2. I don't want to spoiler it so I won't go deeper than, it upset me so much I hunted for the webnovel to read ahead. Little did I know the manhwa got me barely to volume 3-5 before the "season" break, and we are waiting in volume 49 to be translated. That's roughly 490-500 chapters, and it's expected to "finish" or end at volume 50 or 51. (Most likely 50 as the main character is near the possible end game).

    While I still enjoy the manhwa, I don't enjoy it nearly as much.

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    I've read worse... and kept reading.

  • @Aruseus493 I'm sorry but I just have to ask. Are you spelling 'Manga' as 'Manhwa' deliberately? Because you've been writing it like that for a while

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    Manhwa is korean manga. They are colored and read from left to right.

  • @Hakomari thanks... Learned something new today. Colored huh, sounds interesting.

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    Try giving one a read. Most people who don't like reading manga still enjoy reading manhwa.

  • @Hakomari I sure will!

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    I remember at some fan conventions I'd see amature manga.. I couldn't get past the bland black and white....

    It was even harder when I saw the semi professional manga.. still no colour... until someone explained it to me.

    The left to right never bothered me much...

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    I'm surprised some folks here don't like manga - are you more into anime?

    My recent fan-translation reading list is a combination of wuxia/xianxia novels and shojo/josei novels. I'm currently reading Pan Long (Coiling Dragon) and Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami (Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter). I've really been enjoying Duke's Daughter and I'd love to see it get licenced - it's similar to Realist Hero in many ways but with a greater focus on court politics. The fan-translation is a bit rough around the edges though.

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    I do enjoy manga, a lot actually. But as long as they are not an adaptation of a light novel. Those are always bad compared to the source material. I like anime as well although I haven't really had time watching much this season. I usually watch anime that I have read the source material of or those that are original like Code Geass. I just feel like most anime skips a lot so it is better to read the source material first and then watch the anime. In that way anime adds to the enjoyment with sound tracks and voice acting.

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    @Hakomari Yeah, I'm the same - if there are multiple versions of the same story out there, I usually prefer to read/see the original. I love novels, light novels and manga/hwa/hua but I'm not a huge anime fan these days and tend to stick to older series when I do watch it (with the exception of Jojo, because I've been a fan of the manga for a looong time).