Which is your current favorite J-Novel Club light novel?

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    Thought it would be quite fun, if I ask you which J-Novel Club light novel is currently your favorite one/you like reading the most. So which novel is currently your top favorite and which ones are on second and third place?

    December 2020 (16.12.2020):
    On my first place is currently Infinite Dendrogram, followed by Tearmoon Empire on the second place and Ascendance of a Bookworm on the third place. The Apothecary Diaries are on fourth place, the novel would probably be placed higher, if there would be more volumes already translated. Deathbound Duke‘s Daughter is on fifth place, but would be on first or second place, if the light novel version would continue.
    And lastly on the sixth place would be A Wild Last Boss Appeared!.

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    1. Cooking With Wild Game
    2. Infinite Dendrogram
    3. Realist Hero
    4. Marielle Clarac Series
    5. tie between Black Summoner & Mapping

    Huge shoutout to Teogonia, Economics of Prophecy, & Her Majesty’s Swarm - these would make considerable headway into my top 5, when and if they see new volumes.

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    Since @Rahul-Balaggan did a top 5 list, I'm going to give my top 10
    I'll come back and fill out the reasons why they're on the list later

    First Deathbound duke's daughter: words cannot describe how much I love this series. It has the special position of eternal first place in my rankings. Just a really great adventure story, that takes me back to reading Harry Potter growing up.

    Second Faraway Paladin: probably the best straight fantasy story I ever read. Put in second only because DDD has such a special place in my heart.

    Third Tearmoon Empire: fun and funny, and all around good ride.

    Fourth Apothecary dairies: Maomao is kinda a badass, and I have no doubt within a few years she will be running the Rear Palace, whether she wants to or not

    Fifth Ascendence of a Bookworm: so down on the list because it took I little while to get into it. But once I did I loved it. Rozemyne is intelligent and a bit offbeat, just like her readers. And it's a treat to read the forums

    Sixth Der werewolf: action and politics without overdosing on drama and backstabbing, overall fun

    Seventh Tales of Marielle Clarac: quirky female lead, sweet romance

    Eighth Altina the Sword princess

    Nineth The Combat Baker and the automaton waitress

    Tenth Mixed Bathing in another dimension

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    1. Ascendance of A Bookworm - This is what got me into LNs, and I love Rozemyne
    2. By the Grace of the Gods - I love the setting, magic system, and that the MC doesn't try to insert stuff into the world
    3. Realist Hero - The relationships between people is probably the best part of this series
    4. Campfire Cooking - OP pets for the win; and damn I get hungry reading it. Got me into cooking some delicious foods.
    5. Unwanted Undead - I am looking for more information into this world and its history that people don't seem to actually know.

    Honorable Mention: Mapping: The Trash-Tier Skill, Infinite Dendrogram, Lazy Dungeon Master, Fushi No Kami, Tearmoon Empire, Magician Who Rose From Failure, Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind

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    1. Marielle Clarac - loved it right from the first page.
    2. Infinite Dendrogram - it's just so much fun and there are so many interesting characters and things going on.
    3. Holmes of Kyoto - something a bit different from the usual and I love it.

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    My Favorite J-Novel Club Light Novel is... In Another World With My Smartphone by Patora Fuyuhara. I am looking for more good ones. Infinite Stratos is also a great read, however I can't read them in order since I missed to many parts.

  • Currently Infinite Dendrogram and Spirit Chronicles.
    Previously last year Grimgar and Faraway Paladin.

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    Kinda hard to say which is my favourite, but these are the titles I try especially hard to not miss:

    • Bookworm, so much content and development in every part

    • Grimgar, for all the blood and tears

    • FMP, I just like the mechs

    • Seirei Gensouki, for the drama

    • Master of Ragnarok, one of the most easiest to read

    There are several more series I keep my eye on, but those are the ones I try to prioritize.

    I actually wanna follow more, but my time has really been that limited.

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    Have to be

    1. White Cat's Revenge
    2. Bookworm
    3. Marielle Clarac
    4. Mapping
    5. Campfire Cooking
      But this changes all the time to be honest

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    In no particular order, in terms of ones I've read multiple times, Lazy Dungeon Master, Bookworm, Realist Hero, Demon Lord Retry, Potions, Smartphone.

    There are several other series that would be in the category if they had new volumes, but...

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    Hard to give a rating which is my most favorite if all. So you could see this as an interexchangable list.

    1. Der Werwolf
    2. The Great Cleric (and yes I was already a fan of the WN)
    3. Smartphone (was the series why I joined JNC)
    4. Tearmoon (yep Mia-itis all the way)
    5. Demon Lord, Retry (man, the waiting for Volume 6 is nerve wracking)

    which I also considered to put here were "the Apothecarian Diaries" but I fear the series will decline after Volume 3+,

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    1. Grimgar, it's not perfect, but I struggle to find something I don't like about that series.
    2. The Faraway Paladin, I'm really hyped by the fact that we're finally (probably) getting a new volume next year.
    3. Ascendance of a Bookworm, the story isn't always the best but the characters are fantastic.
    4. Outer Ragna, the way it's written can be confusing at time but I like it and the story is really good, the characters are a bit weak tho.
    5. Last and First Idole, not all 3 stories are the same quality but they're all interesting.

    There are other series I like, but for most of them not enough has been translated to get a good grasp on their quality, yet.

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    The ones that I drop everything to go read the minute they get posted:

    • Bookworm
    • Bakarina
    • Tearmoon Empire
    • Sorcerer's Receptionist
    • Girl's Kingdom
    • Altina
    • Fushi no Kami
    • Someone tell me what's going on

    Also really enjoy:

    • Potion Loli
    • Slayers
    • Bibliophile Princess
    • I'll never set foot in that house again
    • 27yo JK (aka Slightly Older Girlfriend)
    • Cutest but just friends
    • ImoUza

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    The first place would probably be Der Werwolf. The number of series I'm actually reading is constantly dwindling, but this title is consistently good.
    Second, Cooking With Wild Game. Don't really care for the "action" parts, but the rest is very good.
    And current third is Fushi No Kami. Not many volumes available, so hard to say whether it stays on the list, but thus far it has been quite entertaining.

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    Also hard for me to give a number 1 or ranked order. So from most recently licenced? Current on all.

    • Black Summoner
    • Record of Wortenia War
    • Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf
    • Der Werewolf
    • Seirei Gensouki
    • Arifureta
    • Realist Hero
    • Mixed Bathing

    Also in the list for the interim (due to having 1 or less volumes out).

    • My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me
    • The Ideal Sponger Life
    • Dungeon Busters

    And I could almost give one of those three the top spot, but just not enough out yet to definitively best the others I've enjoyed for a while.

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    In no particular order:

    • Marielle Clarac
    • Tearmoon
    • Ascendance of the Bookworm
    • Apothecary Diaries
    • Sorcerer's Receptionist

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    Demon Lord Retry
    Seirei Gensouki

    All series which I have bought in Japanese and now in English. Though Rokujouma is what started my relationship with J Novel.... And light novels in general

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    Hmmm also in no particular order

    Demon Lord Retry

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    My favorites among the current simulpubs:

    1. Tearmoon Empire
    2. Grimgar
    3. Prince Herscherik
    4. Record of Wortenia War
    5. Altina
    6. Der Werwolf
    7. Infinite Dendrogram
    8. Campfire Cooking
    9. Holmes of Kyoto

    Stalled series that I also really liked:

    1. Teogonia
    2. Deathbound Duke's Daughter
    3. Kobold King
    4. Outer Ragna

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    1. Realist Hero
    2. Smartphone
    3. Can Someone Please Explain What's Going On
    4. Black Summoner
    5. Der Werwolf
    6. Bookworm
    7. Cooking With Wild Game
    8. Seirei Gensouki
    9. Mrs. Elf
    10. Older Girlfriend
    11. Apothecary Diaries
    12. Ideal Sponger Life
    13. I'll Never Step Foot In That House Again
    14. Tearmoon Empire
    15. By The Grace Of The Guards

    This is no particular order, just my pics for the series I like the best.

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