LaNovel Edition in danger - crowdfunding campaign

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    It probably doesn't concern most people here, but if you're French/Belgian or just speak french, you may have heard of LaNovel, a new publisher that recently started releasing Infinite Dendrogram in French (in collaboration with JNC).

    Unfortunately, it seems like they're not doing too good as during their first year Covid is keeping most book stores closed and the publishing industry is going through a crisis.
    The anime adaptation of their first license being terrible likely didn't help either.

    Because of that, they apparently lack the budget to print Infinite Dendrogram volumes 4/5/6 and Detective AI vol 1 (their second license). To resolve that issue they've started a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule with copies of the printed books as rewards (according to Twitter they're also looking into implementing electronic rewards):

    Since JNC has already published Infinite Dendrogram I know getting those as rewards may not look that interesting if you're not a huge fan of the series (I know I wasn't); but the campaign also includes Detective AI: a detective novel not licensed in English.
    It's 2 volumes long (each vol is apparently mostly self-contained), written by Yabusaka Hayasaka, and illustrated by VOFAN, the guy who illustrates the Monogatari series.
    alt text
    alt text

    More than the rewards, it helps LaNovel, which is good since it would be pretty sad to lose the only french publisher specializing in LN who actually offers decent prices, early e-pub versions, and releases more than once a year.

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