Notification of Physical Releases Option?

  • Hi! Thank you for all the work that's being done. I love that there's a way to get official translations of some of my favorite light novels. I know epub makes it more accessible but I also love getting collector's editions and physical editions. It's a lot harder to navigate which books have physical editions in the website. For example, I didn't even know Full Metal Panic had physical editions until I was buying the ebooks off of amazon. I would have bought them in a heartbeat had I known sooner.

    Is there a way to get alerts or a page for information about which series have physical releases? I know there's the RSS feed page while it's great for the ebook version it only ever says "check stores" for the known physical edition even for ones that haven't been published yet (e.g. volumes 7-9 for Full Metal Panic).

    I still greatly appreciate the work being done for the physical version! I just wish I could but them asap lol. Eagarly awaiting Collector's Edition Vol 3 of FMP in the meantime!

  • The beta site can show you which series have physicals.

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    The official J-Novel Club twitter account tweets about physical editions all the time, and always tweets when a physical book comes out on release date (they've tweeted about the FMP hardcovers dozens of times, for what it's worth).

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