Need help! I want to order something for a friend‘s birthday on!

  • I need help preferably from someone who lives in the United Kingdom. I have a friend living in the United Kingdom who has her birthday coming up in two weeks and she really wanted an artbook only available in Japan, so I wanted to order it for her from amazon japan, but on the “confirming the order“ site, no import fees were shown. Since the United Kingdom left the eu and they now have there own custom rules, shouldn’t there be import fees? I heard that the custom formalities for the low-value consigments imported into the UK changed, so that you already need to pay VAT for goods over £1.
    I don‘t want to order something and my friend needs to go and collect her gift from the customs. Every time I ordered something import fees were prepaid, which was very practical. Has anyone ordered from amazon us and/or amazon japan to the UK since the start of the new year?

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    I have no knowledge on the topic because I live in the US, but a friend of mine who lives in the UK is always complaining about having to go pay VAT to get his shipments released from customs every time he orders something from Japan. It's probably just the way it is :(

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    You may have to get the gift and just send the money for the customs fee through an app or paypal. I have done it previously when sending stuff to a friend in Chile.

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    Is the product in question shipped and sold by Amazon Japan? They should have included an import fees deposit if there's supposed to be any fees since I believe amazon takes care of all the brokerage for you.

    If the product is being shipped and sold by a marketplace seller however, they'll only charge you shipping and the receiving party is responsible for all clearance fees.

    Can't really help you on the UK part, but that's generally how it should work, so maybe double check who the seller is.

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