Now that spring semester has ended.

  • Now that spring semester has ended I have until fall when the new semester starts to read as many LNs as possible. Any recommendations?

    (Damn, forgot I have to work full time shifts for $$ to pay for my next semester)

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    Are you looking for recommendations from this site or from outside the site?

    Also what are you already reading on the site?

  • @Rahul-Balaggan from this site I read: Realist Hero, Smartphone, Arifureta, Faraway Paladin, Infinite Dendrogram, For my Daughter, Bluesteel, Grimgar, and My Big Sister.
    As for the recommendation it could be from anywhere as long as it's English or Spanish. I'd prefer English tho.

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    @Hyferzftw you pretty much have all the stuff on the site covered.

    If you haven't already you should read Invaders of the Rokujouma!?, I only finished the first 2 volumes but they were good time killers.

    Other stuff I would recommend:

    Goblin Slayer - I just have no words when it comes to this LN it has everything from intense gore to a tsundere, it switches from action to slice-of-life in such a way you can't even believe how smooth the transition is, and the MC is without a doubt the most leveled headed MC I have ever read about.

    The Isolator - super Sci-Fi LN revolves around aliens, introverts, and a tsundere, Vol 1 2 & 3 equally had me on edge and even maganed to pull some testify out of left field and catch me off guard. This LN series may have the best prologues I have ever read.

    Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon - this is a cliche on top of a chiche, wrapped up in a cliche...but it still manages to stay original. If you watch the anime you should know that the anime skips over A LOT. it's like the production company only got a copy of Vol 3 with the last 150 pages, they left out so much.

    Overlord - isekai, anti-hero, paranoia, cold hard calculations...that's all I have to say.

  • @Rahul-Balaggan I've read overlord, forgot what Volume I got to since it got licensed. I think it was the arc with the intruders of the dungeon, I finished it. As for "is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" I am on volume 4 if I'm correct I bought the e-book. The other 3 you mentioned I'll prob look into reading. Overall thanks I won't be bored this coming summer. XD specially

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    I'm currently reading:

    Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers - Everyone who likes mystery and fantasy should be reading this. Volume 1 out in English.

    Psycome - Fun first volume, but seems like a waste of time series. Still going to follow it.

    Goblin Slayer - Need to get to volume 2. Volume 1 is a solid beginning to ending tale, though I do wonder about how interesting this will remain drama wise (seems like it could become just a Shounen like action series).

    Baccano - Amazing first volume, though I've seen the anime. Takes place in prohibition era America with a scifi twist. Skipping to volume 4 next.

    Devil is a Part Timer - Depends on my mood if I'm itching for something where I know the characters and enemies are likely going to escape any serious injury and the romance is going to progress ultra slowly (if at all). The books are like dipping my toes in water at the beach; at first you don't take to it, but then as you get further along you want to stay in the book. Maybe the openings are too slow?

    I'm gonna check out Your Name light novel at some point.

    Have you read Mixed Bathing? It's surprisingly decent.

  • @Terrence Rahul did mention that in another thread, so I'll be reading that really soon. As for goblin slayer that's a must know since you and Rahul mentioned it. Thanks for the mentions.

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    Outside JNC, the titles I would recommend are:

    • Baccano! - Has American gangsters, alchemy and immortality, as well as a big chaotic ensemble cast. It's set in three different time periods with the 1930s being the main one. The official localisation uses period-appropriate slang and I love it. There is also a great anime but it misses parts the book includes and just goes off the rails (:stuck_out_tongue:) around volume 4.

    • Durarara!! - By the author of Baccano! and centred on a big chaotic ensemble cast in modern day Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The (supposedly) main character is a dullahan riding a black horsebike searching for her stolen head... but she's also one of the most human characters, despite nearly everyone else actually being a human. Has a multi-series anime that actually follows the novels pretty closely.

    • Spice and Wolf - Medieval mercantile adventures starring a travelling merchant and a wolf-goddess in (mostly) human form. There is action and excitement but the most interesting parts come from delving into the medieval fantasy economics, day-to-day life and the relationship between the two main characters. Again, has an anime series but I've never watched it so can't comment on it.

    • Legend of Galactic Heroes - A sci-fi story about the war between a totalitarian empire and a democratic federation and the lives of the people who represent them. It was originally written in the 70s so it may seem a little old fashioned in places but it is an addictive read about the brilliance and foolishness of humanity and is only now being released in English. It has a famous anime that spans over 100 episodes and was produced almost entirely as OVAs between the 80s and 90s - I’ve watched a few episodes and really enjoyed them but stopped because I didn’t want to spoil the novels. I believe there are also audiobook versions of the novels being produced as well. Most importantly, it seems Haikasoru will only licence a couple of volumes of the series at a time and will only continue to the end if sales support them doing so please support them if you can. Yang Wenli is my husbando.

    • Kieli - A story following the travels of a girl who can communicate with ghosts and a man who is an immortal soldier in a unique industrialised world. Combines a heartwarming/tear-jerker coming-of-age story with horror, action, romance and even sci-fi elements that gets darker in tone as it progresses. I own the whole series and loved reading it! I don’t believe there’s an anime of Kieli but there is a short manga.

    • Welcome to the NHK - A one-shot black comedy about a hikkikomori trying to break out of the NEET lifestyle and a girl he met delivering religious leaflets. Some of the content might make people uncomfortable but I thought this book was hilarious. The two afterwords are a bit of a downer though. There is an anime of this as well but I can't really comment on it as I haven't seen it.

  • Thanks for the mentions, as for spice and wolf I'm on volume 6 atm. The problem with Spice and Wolf, is not the actual story but that I bought a physical book volume. I just can't bring myself to read it of a book. I think the fact I can't lay on my back and read it during the night like I do with my IPad, is what keeps me sidetracked from finishing volume 6 and going to 7. As for the other mentions thanks I'll check them out.

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    @raddevlin said in Now that spring semester has ended.:

    Outside JNC, the titles I would recommend are:

    • Baccano!

    • Legend of Galactic Heroes

    • Kieli

    • Welcome to the NHK

    More Baccano love. =D

    NHK is great (the early episodes of the anime skews a bit more perverse with more of a focus on the whole "let's make a visual novel" thing, whereas the book that felt like a very small part; I hear people love the anime though, so to each their own).

    A lot of people reading Kieli on Goodreads. I picked up Book Girl which is also popular, but I haven't touched that yet.

    I hear Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is a series to avoid, but I did get the first volume. I also have Galactic Heroes v 1-3 on audio book, along with Kizumonogatari audio book.

  • Can you elaborate on why Death March should be avoided? I loved the first volume. Certainly, on the surface, the book has all the worst tropes combined. Isekai LitRPG (Individually, each of those genres can be good. But trying to combine the two together almost always leaves a sour taste in my brain.) way overpowered, godlike MC.

    But somehow, the writing keeps the whole thing light and fun.

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    Yeah, I recently finished the first volume of Deat March and liked it quite well. It is a series with the same weight as Isekai Smartphone, i.e. no dramatic weight whatsoever. For some that might be a detriment but for me, I love a good frothy zero calorie light novel. I'll keep following Death March.

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    Overpowered MC was definitely a reason to avoid Death March that I heard. I think I heard comparisons to Smartphone, at least in that regard, and I wasn't a big fan of Smartphone V1 (though, more for the ensemble cast personalities and the way characters join our hero a bit too willingly). Worried about the generic quality too. I think it has an anime, so I could have checked that out before investing in it.

    How is the relationship stuff? Worth investing in or feels like it'll be an oblivious MC waste of time? xP

  • It's hard to balance a OP MC. Airfrueta does somewhat of a nice job doing it in volume one with the final boss, there are other LNS that might do a nice job with it aswell. But that honestly depends on the author and their experience with it. I myself tend to avoid ridiculously OP MCs (I like Saitama tho)

  • @Hyferzftw

    Yeah, there are so many OP MCs that are 'handled' badly. Best way to handle an OP MC is to either make the antagonists much more powerful than the protagonist ( as in Mushoku Tensei), or let the MC use all of his potential power in order to achieve a fixed goal (as in the English web novel "The Forgotten Conquerer"). Or just use the OP MC like Murata/ONE does with Saitama.

    Oh God, do I love Saitama.

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    Death March handles the OP MC by having combat be of little importance to the plot flow (as of volume one) and having him not want to be bothered by being a hero, he just wants to live a nice life and being a target for a demon king isn't going to aide that.

  • Just finished finished reading, "Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon" Volume 6. Time to go read 7! XD

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    @Hyferzftw I was a bit disappointed in the latest vol. it wasn't much about the main character and his adventures, but more about random either characters around him, and the love triangles involved.

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    @Cole-Seeley yeah it was a "side story" type of situation like if you ever read Spice & Wolf they have 2 side story books there.

    It's not really my cup of tea but it's nice that we find out the characters have more to their life then just the Dungeon.

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    Honestly, given how heavy the content of the 7th DanMachi book was, I'm quite glad that 8 was mostly side stories. It was a nice way to break the tension before we go into the next big story arc. :)

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