Book Downloading problem I have + any bugs or thing ppl want fixed/improved

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    you can get all the book using a credit system on J-Novel Clubs site which I don't mind but I wish there are options. and by Options I mean all you get is an epub and I want to be able to have options when it comes to what kind of file I download. I do not want to use multiple book reading programs. Kindle has an Import PDF function on it but I can not import the books I download from this site.

    Edit: I just learned about Calibre, other than that I think the Library needs some adjusting like a simple Sort system like by Title, Author, Date(both old and new), and also haveing a grid format would help with all the scrolling

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    Epub is the standard in digital publishing. It is widely used, can be read on multiple devices and easily converted to other formats. It's Amazon's fault for not supporting epub in my opinion. Furthermore, you don't have to use multiple reading apps, just use Calibre to convert the book into the format that you want; such as AZW for your Kindle so that you can use the import function again.

    Beside, I think reading with epub is much easier than reading with PDF, especially with DRM-free epub from JNC. I can add new font (shout out to Google's Literata font), change font size, highlight text, make notes with ease.

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    ok, thx for the advice. Il check out Calibre

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    Actually, a feature I considered adding in to the website but didn't have the time is a "upload to my kindle" button in your my library.

    You can email books to your kindle, right? Well, if you go into your account settings on amazon you can actually authorize our site to email books to you.

    It would take a bit of steps on the user's part to set up the permission and to enter the special email address for your kindle in your account settings, but once that's done I could just have a button that would convert to an AZW from the master epub, and email it to your device directly.

    I didn't implement it yet because it would take some setup on the user to get it to work, so I felt although it's a cool feature it might not get used a lot.
    And Amazon would still force me to keep the image size down to their specs, too.

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    @Sam-Pinansky I would definitely enjoy a feature like that for Kindle, for what it's worth

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