What's your favorite Light-Novel genre?

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    Personally, I'd like more Horror and mystery, but I haven't read too many. Most of what I've read is Isekai or Action. I think I like Comedy the best though since it's tough to mess up (though, I suppose it can get too generic).

    Something like Big Sis is a perfect mix of comedy and action with some Rom Com elements. =]

  • Harem/Romance series for me.

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    @Terrence Well, I don´t have genre that I like best, it depends from the writing style. But I like when there is at least a bit of romance. (Also harem is good :D)

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    If you like Horror Mystery, then give Hakomari a read. It is the best phycological horror novel I have ever read. And there is a lot of mystery as well.

    Edit: The signature below my reply is from Hakomari.

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    For Horror/Action/Fantasy I will recommend Isekai Goumon-hime (Fremd Torturchen) It have only one flaw, there is only vol 1 translated atm. But story is damn good. (Ohh yes, it is Isekai) Honestly, if this one will be licensed, I will jump from happiness. It is a good example of dark fantasy.

    alt text

    Illustrations did a guy that make for example Black Bullet one. (Another good one LN)

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    @Hakomari Waiting for the official releases, but that's definitely one I'll check out since I know nothing about it. =]

    I'd like to check out Black Bullet LN someday. I did skim through bits of the show.

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    If I had to pick genres, horror, sci-fi and josei-style romance would be top. That said some of my favourite light novel series have a bit of everything to them and there's not really a genre I dislike. :slight_smile:

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    @Terrence Definitely check Black Bullet LN. I really like it. Just prepare to be a bit emotional :D

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    Anyone know if Black Bullet is still ongoing? From what I've read none has really heard anything from the author since the release of volume 7 in 2014.

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    @Meld The official statement is a hiatus. it is not that rare that author take a few years hiatus. I know that he was under big pressure thanks to the anime and after that he disappeared from twitter.
    There left only hopes for now, that we will get some info this or next year. (Vol 7 torture my mind everytime I remember it, cuz of that cliff at the end.)

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    @sparhawk6 I see, that's a shame.

    I watched the anime as it aired and it got me interested in the novel. I bought volume 1 when it was released in english but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

    Do you know what volumes the anime covers?

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    @Meld Anime cover 4 volumes. The next Arc is vol 5,6 and vol 7 started a new arc. But, well, sadly still waiting for vol 8.

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    @sparhawk6 It really is sad when stories are left unfinished. Hopefully the author will pick it back up again in the future.

    (Sorry for the edit, putting this in it's own reply instead)

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    @Meld You know, anime was rushed, because Kadokawa didn´t give much budget for the anime. So it is better to read that 4 volumes. There is much more details involved. Also vol 5,6 Rentaro fugitive arc is pretty good. (Sometimes I feel that author likes torture our MC.)

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    @sparhawk6 Yes I've heard that it was really rushed, always sad when that happens.

    When I get around to actually reading it I will read from the first volume so no worries there (I always read from the first volume even if I've seen the anime of a novel).

    Thanks for the heads up though.

  • I love comedy the most. I mean cmon, what's better than something making you making you laugh out loud?

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    Fantasy for me. I think every Isekai story falls under that so I started to chose Isekai, but that wouldn't include stories like Goblin Slayer or DanMachi.

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    Comedy, but not plain reference or slapstick comedy. I prefer comedy with an ongoing storyline and characters who play off well against each other.

    That said, I care more about fun dialogue, playful interactions between characters and interesting ideas than genre. One of my favourite Light Novels is Spice & Wolf, and my favourite part of that is the repartee between the protagonists but I also appreciated the fresh storylines. If an author can make something trivial feel important without it feeling stupid or melodramatic or repetitive then that is a win too, and if they can make an argument over something trivial a joy to read too then you are on to a winner.

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    It's a hard question for me, but I would go for action. I know I mostly read isekai series lately. But I realize that I decide whether or not it's good is mostly from the action.

    On the other hand, to be honest, I'd like to read more horror and mystery too. But it's a bit tricky to find series that click with me.

    I think I like romance too. But for me, it's usually a harder sell.

    I'm usually okay with comedy as long it's not too raunchy. But recently I've been looking for series that have more meaning.

  • That's a hard one. Slice of life vs Mystery... Ah I'll have to go with mystery. But combine those two perfectly and you'll get something more than just great

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