Can we have a description the characters and other info on this website or have it on for specific series

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    Like Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash info, they provide us geography and other, stuff like monsters, places description, and characters. Because I can't remember places name or other stuff (vague memories) some parts while waiting the latest volume to release, I read other series until latest volume came out for ages. Once I get back to that series for so long and all I remember was just vague memories unless I go back vol to vol, to remember stuff from illustration pictures (highlights) and for side characters, this one hard to remember sometimes, faction names too if they don't remarkable trait like main character as story goes on and his friends or how magic works again etc. In short can we have a little reminder what happen so far the previous volume after waiting for so long that particular series to release the latest volume and you already read other series or taking break for so long then you can't remember some stuff unless you go back volume to volume or read the description or look up on the search bio characters, making sure you are not missing anything important information or little history behind it etc (I might have OCD) so yeah you got the basic idea. I know you will remember it what happen as you read it little more warming the engine but still, I don't even know who's who anymore for minor characters.

    Note: you don't need this if you have perfect memory to remember everything.

    Excuse for any grammar errors and thanks for reading, also the wall of text sorry! I was typing this on my phone while waiting for the bus.

  • That would take A LOT of effort. But yeah that would be nice. Maybe in the possible future if JNC gets really big. I really hope so.

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    I wouldn't mind if we as the community did a thread or something for this. I am amazingly bad at remembering names both IRL and in fiction.

    Like, I can't even remember the protagonists' names in most series I'm reading here. It's "the military daughter of the king", "the Faraway Paladin dude (I'm reading now, so I know it's William Maryblood)" "the brother from NeeChu". I feel like a lot of people that consume too much fiction are this way though, as I notice similar descriptions for characters on anime boards. =S

    One thing I thought could be neat is just a "Stupid Questions" thread for when you can't remember something. This community between all of us could probably help us with our dementia. xD

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    I typically open up either a copy of the file set to the early pages, pull up illustrations from the previous volume(s), or open up a database/wiki which has the characters while reading.

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    We could maybe do something like Cross Infinite World does. But I don't think Sam has time for it right now.

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    @Aruseus493 said in Can we have a description the characters and other info on this website or have it on for specific series:

    or open up a database/wiki which has the characters while reading.

    Too scared of seeing "Status: Deceased" below the picture on the wiki. xC

    Even better are name spoilers. Like a character's last name is the same as the protagonist as they're a long lost sibling. Or maybe they're the son of the enemy.

    "Touhya, I am your Mother"! "Nooooo, it can't be; I can't be the son of a dragon Lolita"! =P

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    Yea, wiki pages are last resorts if all else fails.

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    Um, how about we create submit form like you create the information on the characters their profile and other such thing, of course there will be to moderate it if the form is approved or not and added to the wiki, something along the line? Yeah we the one creating submit information. Is that sounds good? if we work together, maybe I ask Reddit for other series too like profiling, since Aruseus493 is moderate on the reddit, if you could add wiki guide maybe?

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    Are you reading the pre-pubs or the published ebooks? I don't know if this is the case for all JNC ebooks but the Grimgar ebooks include a recap of the story so far, character bios and descriptions of races and locations, and The Faraway Paladin ebooks have the character names in the colour illustrations in the front. If you're having trouble remembering that sort of information, reading the published ebooks might be the way to go.

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    @raddevlin I'm reading ebook official, I just have come up an idea about this, so I figure why not post it on the forums if it helps some people for those having trouble to remember some stuff you know? When you waiting for latest the volume to release and reading other series to kill some time (probably a lot by the time volume come out), so yeah.

  • @Terrence yeah reason I didn't want to mention wiki, cuz of the spoilers in general.

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    @Kasinski Having a user submitable database is a neat idea, but I'd rather not turn into a database site.

    In due time, I plan on creating special series pages for our top series like Grimgar, which will include character pages, etc. But I need to find a good web designer that will work cheap ;)

  • @Sam-Pinansky was my original major but I changed it to the design advertising section which is a visual arts major.

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    @Sam-Pinansky :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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