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    Just a simple suggestion, I don't know if it's my comp and phone or if it's the coding in the website. But whenever I finish a part I can't go back and re-read it. It has been like this with every part I've read. I think it would be best if you allowed people to go back and read something they have finished.

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    That's... definitely not by design. Could you describe what happens a bit more thoroughly?

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    @Sean-McCann It's always stuck at the screen for when you've finished, with the "check out these other titles" and such. Actually, it even does that when you've gotten maybe 70% of the way through and go back to it, and you just can't go back to the actual content. The only way I can read the rest if I haven't finished it all is to use the scrolling mode on the app, instead of the browser.

    I know it isn't by design because I believe it was mentioned before, but just wanted to mention how for me, it isn't always just when you finish reading something.

  • Some people experience something similar but the closest I had is reader jumping between 100% and 0% for previously read parts and that could be solved by pushing left/right couple of times.

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    Seems to happen with any part i've previously gotten past 0% on the website or app, when then trying to go back and read it on the website. Issue has been around for a bit, but was not a problem when I first came on board, though in the beginning I was mostly reading in the apps, now it's about 2/3rds apps, 1/3rd website. At first I was able to press the left arrow key to get it back to 0%, but no longer.

    This is the workaround that seems to work.

    @hatguy12 said in Novel Stuck at 100% Completion:

    There's probably a bug somewhere to be squashed, but some workarounds in the meantime:

    • in the case of the first part, a way to re-read it is to log off (or open another browser) to read it as a guest.
    • When reading any part that's not the first, go to the end of the previous part and click "next part," which should bring you to 0% properly on the following chapter you were stuck at 100% on (at least that works for me).

    Sidenote: Just a guess, but I'm betting now that the final page shows more other titles to read than fit in a two page spread, this might be why it only started occurring more recently.

  • This has been ongoing for me since a little before the above linked threads.

    To add the workaround methods that work for me:

    • If I go to the part I want to read, then click next part, the "back" button of my browser will typically bring me to zero percent on the part I want to read.

    This workaround method doesn't save any clicks over the above quoted method necessarily, but it is a little faster if you find yourself clicking the part you want to read before remembering the method of clicking on the previous part (and have a next part button).

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